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Gastronomic excellence @Neer, Hilton Manyata

Neer (Kannada for Water) - The poolside restaurant at Hilton, Embassy Manyata Tech Park has been operational for a few months and forms the perfect setting for a serene getaway from the surrounding noise and banter. A quiet evening spent in special company or an easy family night-out sounds perfect at this picturesque yet very understated venue in the company of culinary delights curated from the 4 Southern states garnering the prime USP for this dinner only restaurant.

As we reached the venue, their gracious team welcomed us with their fine crafted welcome drinks and hor’s d’oeuvres leaving a lasting impression after the hour-long commute from my residence.

As we sat down, the dinner menu was planned meticulously keeping in mind the symphony of southern Indian cuisine infused with contemporary overtures to make them unique and exceptional.

From the Vazhappu Vada Chat to the Molacha Payaru Vada and the Kappi Thalichathu, the vegetarian appetizers set the mood for the evening with alcoholic concoctions to complement their flavor and fervor. The Kal Meen Varuthathu and Mangalore’s very own Chicken Ghee Roast left us craving for more.

The Mangalorean Prawn Curry and the Errachi Nikavu Korma were best enjoyed by me with Neer Dosa and Appams respectively keeping my south Indian taste buds satiated to the core. The Kozhikode Mutton Biryani was a burst of flavors and formed the final surprise amongst Mains.

The Dessert Trio comprising of Kopra Neer Payasam, Pazham Pradhamam, and Panikul served perfectly took my breath away. As we strolled around the lovely poolside for a few snaps and selfies, the memory of this amazing experience lingers and awaits the company of that certain someone to return here for more.


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