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Journey through Italy at Italia,The Park Bengaluru

A special evening with close friends and fellow food aficionados calls for distinctive cuisine to add to the fervour. One such occasion, was time to check out the new menu at the one and only Italia at The Park, Bengaluru where Chef Basheer Ahmed elevated our culinary experience with cuisines from various geographical regions of the mainland with his Midas touch.

Italia has reinvented itself from time to time with different regions in Italy in the past, but this time Chef decided to pay homage by enlisting the best of the country in 2 varieties of set menus paired with house wine. We were lucky to taste the best from both the options.

We started with the elementary bread basket served with virgin olive oil and pesto as an appetizer to set us up for the journey ahead. The first set of antipasto started with the humble Bruschetta with Truffle Oil followed by a very distinguished palate of 3- Arancini di Riso, Funghi Arostiti con fromagi e Pesto, and the exquisite Involtini die Melanzane. The latter- Balsamic marinated Eggplant with Mozzarella, Basil, and Sundried Tomatoes was one of the pieces du resistance of the evening along with a few others in the Primo and Secondi courses of our elaborate menu.

It was time for the Primo, and we received the very home-style cooked Tortellini di Formaggie, followed by one of the best risottos I have tasted-Risotto Gambari e Lemone ever tasted-Risotto Gambari e Lemone. The lemon zest in the latter was just the right punch needed for my palette to embellish in the flavours of this classic dish even more.

Secondi was a trio of the best meats in the house with Filleto di Salmone al Forno, Braised Lamb Chops, and my divinity- Filleto di Manzo-Beef Tenderloin cooked to rare, medium perfection just right for the elegant evening that was.

Chef served us one of his unique creations in the form of Arancio aromatizzato Tiramisu- Tiramisu with Orange flavour as part of their signature dessert from the set menu. We rounded off our evening sipping some good old Bristol Cream Sherry to full glory- a dinner to remember for its culinary extravaganza crafted by Chef Basheer.

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