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Kick Your Lingerie Game with XYXX Apparels

If anything the past two years have taught us, it is to be “Aatmavirbhar” or Self-sufficient. With lockdowns knocking on doors without a proper notice, it is impossible to plan in advance the needs and even wants of what the coming days might present.

The competitive world of Men’s Innerwear has a few key players in the market, but is mostly dominated by brands available at a much higher price than its Indigenous counterparts. XYXX apparels stands out as one of the pioneers in the Men’s Innerwear genre and has made quite a niche for them in less than a year.

I was pleased to find that this online-only “Made In India” brand are not only generous with sizes (M, L, XL, and even XXL) but are also priced wisely in the mid-marker range for easier affordability. The quality of their fabric is at par with International standards and leaves no room for complaints. As compared to their pricier counterpart of greater fame and worldwide presence, XYXX also stands neck to neck in terms of comfort, durability and even packaging. Sealed in high end paper packaging with tamperproof sealing, they deserve special mention and packs in a tad futuristic appeal, albeit manly but very statement-making. The absence of human models on the sealed bags makes the product more appealing and creates an insane curiosity for the buyer to check its contents inside.

These days of Working from Home does not require us to wear trousers and makes more than enough for a simple loungewear or even boxers on a formal or semi-formal shirt for important video meetings. Thanks to the non-wide angle webcams, one can get away with an otherwise blunder of a fashion faux pas without being bothered about exposing anything below their belly button.

XYXX provides flexibility and ample air flow within its fabric and the inner skin of the lower male body to ensure daylong comfort and easiness. As far as their briefs or trunks are concerned, XYXX ensures that no compromise is made on the quality and an extra inner lining is provided to avoid any wear and tear or in more familiar terms prevention of unexpected fissures and fabric thinning around private parts after few washes. The grip around the crotch is perfect and provides enough room to ensure ease and comfort.

XYXX also has a wide variety of loungewear including men’s t-shirts and pyjamas in their portfolio. They are available as sets of uppers and lowers as well as individual pieces. With a wide variety of prints and some very bold and futuristic colours across their range, XYXX is definitely the next men’s lingerie brand everyone will be flaunting inside their outfits when Covid becomes history and offices resume operations. Till then, Enjoy a nice breezy afternoon in the comfort of your home wearing your favourite boxer shorts in bright colours and fabulous prints from the House of XYXX apparels.


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