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Amazon Echo Studio-As Good as It Gets

Amazon Echo Studio-the latest addition to the Echo family has achieved new pinnacles with its Pro-Grade Audio enhancements. Equipped with Dolby Atmos Audio, this unique smart speaker weighing a little over 3 kgs is every audiophiles’ ultimate guilty pleasure. I was aware of its noteworthy Bass, adjustive Mid-Range, and impressive Treble before getting my hands on it, but it took me to the moon and beyond as I plugged it in for the very first time.

Equipped with High-Fidelity Audio enhanced by the presence of 5 speakers and an in-built woofer, Echo Studio not only blows your mind with its audio output, but also enhances your streaming and viewing experience with auditorium-like with Dolby Atmos specification. You can control music via voice over leading apps including Amazon Music and Spotify, as well as use it as smart hub for setting up and controlling smart home devices with just one ask “Alexa, discover my devices.” This smart device is protected with multi layers of security and privacy to ensure safety and even equipped with a microphone off button to disconnect when required.

A few minutes into the setup procedure specifying the Wi-Fi connectivity like any other Alexa-enabled device, this genius is ready to take your world by storm. You experience Bass like never before, comparable to that of a professional theatre-grade experience from the comfort of your home. Its placement in the room and the attributes of its surroundings are automatically analyzed and moderated by the device while setup to ensure best experience possible indoors. The Mid-Range, Bass, and Treble can be controlled via Alexa as well as your smart phone through voice commands and a touch of a button respectively. However, it is important to remember that although this device can play HD Audio tracks from Amazon Music in its entirety from wherever available, India is yet to receive this service via Amazon -something to look forward to soon.

The placement of the Echo Studio play a very essential part to the quality of audio experience. Ideally a well exposed corner of a standard size living area is preferred for optimal listening pleasure. It is also important to place the device at the ear’s height of the listener from the ground level to get the best possible output. If you are confused with where to place your Echo Studio, let Alexa decide and trust me you will not be disappointed with “her” suggestions.

I was taken aback by one other aspect of the Echo Studio apart from its audio quality-Its adherence to detail while in a conversation with Alexa. Every time you wish Alexa it ensures adequate response unique to the situation making your experience lifelike. I was also able to play around with Alexa with a few irrelevant and silly questions just to ensure it at the top of its game, and boy was I amused!

On the work front, something Alexa has been known for it excels by setting up tasks, calendars, reminders, schedule, and even alarms and wake-up calls, and with it’s A+ Grade audio game, trust me everything is a sheer delight.

The Amazon Echo Studio is priced reasonably for its futuristic features at 22,999 INR marking its position in the mid-, market segment with output comparable and sometimes exceeding that of its costlier contenders. Get yourself one to experience this beauty by visiting:

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