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Own your Dream Home this Pandemic

The year 2020 had its own set of expectations and milestones before its advent-way ahead of time. The stark reality was however completely different. As we embrace and recuperate from the shocking aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been of utmost importance for us to reassess and evaluate a few priorities hitherto ignored and parked away. One such decision was definitely buying a luxurious home from an eminent real estate developer in Bengaluru.

(shot at House of Hiranandani property)

In an evolving space like Bengaluru, sky is the limit when it comes to modern living spaces. But, it is equally challenging to choose the right product at the right location from a well-known and trustworthy brand. The process of buying a home today and pricing are much better than in the pre- Covid time, due to use of technology in the sales process and reduced rate of interest on home loans and support from government schemes.

The next important aspect to consider, which in more ways a perception-management scenario is, was to start considering my own home as an investment rather than just a necessity. The other step was to shortlist the various property development companies in the residential market space and selects the most feasible option among them. After extensive research that involved searching online advertisements, comparing data in the form of reviews and experiences about the projects, pre-sales and after sales support from various top property development companies, I narrowed down to House of Hiranandani, a Mumbai based real estate brand for my first self-owned home.

With over four decades of real estate development experience to their credit, House of Hiranandani excels not only in terms of construction quality which is comparable to international standards, but also leads in design and aesthetics. Necessary lifestyle and social infrastructure such as educational institutes, schools, and healthcare facilities are provided in close proximity to the developments created by them. Their 360 degree approach to residential spaces keeping in mind consumers’ interest has earned them accolades and the coveted title of being one of the best real estate developers in the country.

Choosing the location for my first home was a crucial decision and House of Hiranandani made it a cakewalk by choosing a growth corridor like Hebbal for their project.

House of Hiranandani has left no stone unturned to turn this dream project into one of the most upscale residential projects in the city. With incredible views of the Bengaluru skyline and presence of luxurious lifestyle amenities and necessary facilities within its premises, House of Hiranandani, Hebbal Code name Milestone is set to be the next sought-after Address of the city.

The decision to choose Hebbal as a location for buying a home lay in its proximity to the IT hub of the northern limits of Bengaluru, as well as its strategic proximity to the airport. Located within 27 km from the Kempegowda Airport, Codename Milestone is also within close proximity of the proposed metro station for the Hebbal micro market. Hebbal is well connected to primary points within the city including the Central Business District, various IT parks and key institutes across the city. It has been the natural choice for many new companies to base their operations in the sprawling IT parks emerging in its close vicinity on either side of the 65 km long Outer Ring Road connecting the entirety of Bengaluru. Over the past few years the location has shown an exponential growth and development in terms of infrastructure and commercial growth, leading to an obvious rise in business and job opportunities.

It is also the hotspot for burgeoning social infrastructure like malls, International schools, educational institutes and healthcare facilities. The decision to stay within the limits of the city, well-connected to its each and every corridor has always been my dream and hence Hebbal suits my priorities as well. Undoubtedly it has been the epicenter for many HNIs to shift their base owing to its close proximity to the international airport, leading to 10-11% increase in price trends every year for the past few years.

House of Hiranandani, Hebbal stands tall amidst the skyline of Bengaluru flaunting an epitome of Greco-Roman architectural style infused with state of the art amenities. With aesthetically designed landscaped greenery and open areas surrounding the residential complex, this is undoubtedly going to be one of the most desired addresses in the city. With lavishly designed sports facilities including an in-house swimming pool, a fully operational Tennis and half-basketball court, Badminton court, a well-equipped gym with changing rooms, Aerobics room, a health deli with a seating area, consultation room for business meetings, and themed children’s park, Codename Milestone is going to be the talk of the town in no time.

In terms of construction, House of Hiranandani boasts of innovative construction practices adopted after thorough research to produce a robust and quality structure. Every apartment constructed after 2006 is equipped with Fibre to the Home technology (FTTH) to ensure seamless internet availability.

Each apartment of the three towers of the Milestone project boast of the following attributes:

  • East and West facing sides with ample ventilation

  • Excellent usage space within apartments post furniture placement

  • Every living room of each apartment equipped with a deck

  • No overlooking among apartments

  • Selected apartments are open on both east and west sides to ensure better ventilation

  • 3 BHKS are equipped with 2 balconies to its credit

Each tower of project Codename Milestone is blessed with the scenic views of the Central Podium of the property, its picturesque landscaped gardens, and other amenities as well as the view of the city skyline. The gothic architectural style of its grand entrance enthralls a first time visitor with its scenic appeal standing tall at arm’s length from the hustle bustle of the busy Bengaluru traffic, and yet involves magical silence and serenity within the township.

The 2 BHK apartments cover a total carpet area ranging from 739.06 to 748.74 sq. ft. and a deck area of 42.95 sq. ft. whereas the 3 BHK apartments span over a total carpet area of 1079.09 to 1116.23 sq. ft. and a deck area of 50.81 to 76.96 sq. ft. respectively. The prices for the 2BHK starts from INR 82 Lakh onwards while that for the 3 BHK price starts from INR 1.11cr onwards. Known for their reasonable pricing, House of Hiranandani apartments in Bengaluru are really a steal with their aesthetic appeal and state of the art facilities infused with gothic architectural style making their towers stand out amongst the other projects in the neighborhood.

The ability to move away from a rented accommodation to my own home has been a major decision change amidst the pandemic for me and my family. Not only has it given me the ability to strive for a sustained future, but it has also helped me in securing my finances towards investing in a property of my own in my choice of neighborhood from one of the top property developers in the country. The pandemic has taken a lot from many of us, but it has definitely provided me with clarity of my priorities and the ability to work towards it with renewed vigor and determination. With the House of Hiranandani Codename Milestone offering luxurious apartments in Hebbal, Bengaluru, this is definitely an investment worthy enough for a lifetime. The company’s festive scheme that provides 3 per cent rentals for two years on any apartment purchased irrespective of its stage of construction and configuration makes it further lucrative to invest in these apartments now.

2020 has been a year of many shocks and unexpected mishaps, but for me it would be the year I invested in my own home with one of the best realty companies in the country.

For more information on House of Hiranandani, Hebbal project in Bengaluru head over to Milestone.

Watch the following for a better view of the project:

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