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Dropouts, HRBR's latest Rock Destination

Dropout is the latest addition to the already happening HRBR layout 7th Main which hosts a few nightspots already. I was happy to be part of a very exclusive invitation to saviour their delectable and special pours.

The name Dropouts signify the college or university drop-offs who went ahead to shape the future of history in the days to come. Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Charlie Chaplin they are all examples of stalwarts in their careers. This bar draws inspiration from real life heroes who started humble and you can find their reference in the menu herein. The drinks-their specialty cocktails are named after significant careers these dropouts eventually chose. I tried the Skinny Puds loaded with Chicken as my first entrée, followed by Pandi Roast both of which were cooked to perfection. The Coorgi style Pork was out of this world with the right amount of pepper used in the garnishing.

Our next order was the Prawn Satay which was missing the peanut butter sauce I really crave. The Panko Crumbed Fish Fingers ordered up next were awesome and so was the Kung Pao Chicken. I decided to order their speciality cocktails-again on the dropouts theme. My first drink order was the Dropout Boys, a concoction of Pomegranate juice and Vodka- a medium potent drink. My next order was the more sombre Mighty, another house speciality of a Mojito.

For Mains, we ordered their unique Kundapur Special Pizza- An interesting blend of Ghee Roast Prawns on a pizza base, Mangalore Style. This was by far the dish of the day although the follow up-Lamb Pepperoni pizza was quite significant as well.

Dropouts was having a special performance by a rock band titled Otic whose lead singer threw the ball out of the park with his rendition of pop songs apart from the usual suspects including top favourites like Hotel California. The best part about Dropouts apart from their ambience and multi levelled spread is its interiors. There is a massive guitar endorsing the ceiling and tiffany lamps to render a serene colonial feel to the venue. I am definitely heading back next weekend to check their line-up of artists next week as they host performances every Saturday.

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