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Hats off to Team Spirit @ Monkey Bar

IPL T20 is India’s answer to Coachella for Cricket fanatics. The hype, the excitement, the adrenaline, and surpassing it all-the anticipation every year for their individual favourites to battle it out with their edgier rivals all sum up to a two-month long celebration of India’s favourite sport.

Monkey Bar across Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Bangalore has come up with an exciting new menu curated specifically around IPL T20 aptly titled Team Spirit. These delectable array of small bites focusing on favourite dishes served with twist from the four corners of India paired with insatiable deals of alcoholic drinks to go with make it no less than a culinary extraordinaire.

As part of the special Media table, I was happy to experience the very succulent and almost perfect Fried Riders (Named after Kolkata Knight Riders) with a sip of my favourite Vodka and Aam Panna Cocktail titled Mangaa. The 65 Not Out and Full Tosh Fish followed thereafter as I was busy sipping my signature cocktail designed specifically as part of this special menu.

I decided to try the cocktails in order of their appearance in the menu and had a Toast to Calcutta, a Gin based Cocktail which paired also very well with the wholesome Gully Bao. I loved the Pork Powerplay as well especially the creamy broth reminiscent of Kolkata and its street style momos. Having said it all, the Kothu Super King was my ultimate favourite probably for my bias with beef over other meats.

My third and final embellishments was the Mad Men, Whiskey infused cocktail with generous portions of the Murgh of the Match and Chicken Challenger (Named after Royal Challengers Bangalore, an almost no-brainer). The menu designed in red lists out the 6 cities Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata along with the states of Rajasthan and Punjab with their respective dishes to choose from.  My Saturday afternoon was spent in the company of known foodie enthusiasts and the hostess with the mostest -Radhika who made sure all of us were well served with personal attention.

This special menu is running across all 4 cities at pocket-friendly prices and deals throughout the IPL Season till May 19 2019. So make the best of it while you can.

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