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The Casino-Now streaming on ZEE5

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ZEE5 has been synonymous with high quality and enticing content in the latest online digital boom that has taken the world over by storm especially after the onslaught of COVID 19 pandemic. Comprising an audience of all age groups and varied tastes, ZEE5 has a lot to offer for a meagre subscription providing access to their platform comprising never-before-seen shows and Originals.

The Casino is one of their latest offerings on the platform and is already sending waves since its debut last week.

Source - " An OTT Platform”

The Casino portrays the story of Mr Marwah, the proprietor of one of the most successful casinos in Nepal and the drama encompassing his heir-son Vicky Marwah and his deceitful mistress played by the ravishing Mandana Karimi and her manipulative efforts to prevent him from inheriting what is rightfully his own. This edge-of-the-seat Thriller reveals various secrets and conspiracies along its way as the drama unfolds. The characters are painted in shades of grey as nothing or nobody is as they appear to be. One of the most gripping shows on air right now, The Casino is sure to provide you adrenaline junkies with the ride of a lifetime through its course of 10 episodes running a little over 20 minutes.

Source - " An OTT Platform”

Starring Sudhanshu Pandey, Karanvir Bohra, and Aindrita Ray, The Casino Season 1 promises adult entertainment interspersed with drama, emotions, action and conspiracy theories to keep you gasping for more. The show surfaces all aspects of human emotions including Lust, Greed, Deceit and Hunger for Power and Control. It is one of the most glamorous shows ever released on any digital platform and has already started receiving accolades and rave reviews for its stellar cast and their outstanding performances.

The tagline of The Casino #MyGameMyRules resonate throughout the show and makes one engrossed in this deceptive world where Power, Lust, Love and Control collide in one of the most fast-paced and spectacular series here on ZEE5. Complete with stunning outfits, fast cars and grand locations, this show has got something for everyone to get hooked on to. Not only is it a spectacular watch to witness the wheels of fortune turn over as every player tries to outdo each other in the battle to claim their right, but the show also keeps you entertained and intrigued throughout. The tug of war between a self-made billionaire, his manipulating mistress and the reluctant heir to his legacy is truly a delightful roller-coaster to experience on a digital platform like ZEE5. Although the content and the language of the show is meant for mature audiences only, The Casino has already garnered quite a fan following among viewers of all age groups and preferences. To watch its trailer, click the following link:

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