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Savji and Malnad Festival @ Co.Ba.Ja

Cobaja has garnered a unique place in traditional Karnataka cuisine for almost a year now. Their latest showcase-Savji and Malnad Food Festival focuses on speciality cuisines for the on-going month of August. Savji is a community originally from Maharashtra who settled in central Karnataka during the Moghul invasion and Malenad cuisine has its own unique twist to some of Karnataka’s favourite dishes.

We started our experience with the Naati Koli Soup, a country Chicken soup with ghee roasted pepper from Malenad and the Appe Kai Saru, a raw mango soup with green chillies. The latter was my ultimate indulgence and its spicy notes really worked wonders for my palette.

We moved over to the Appetizers with the Yelekosu Vada, deep fried cabbage and corn pancakes served with coconut chutney followed by the best Prawn Ghee Roast I have tasted in the city. Chicken Ghee Roast was also served but my bias towards Prawns kept me engrossed in the former. The Karnataka Usli Platter comprising of chickpeas, grated coconut, and lentils served as the ultimate companion with my quarter cocktail- Tequila Sunrise.

Our Mains were elaborate with Kheema balls enjoyed best with Neer Dose. The Mutton Kadan, a unique mutton curry favoured with coconut masala was served with Edmee-crisp Puris stuffed with spices. Coconut Rice and Potato Gassi were served as all-time favourites to this wholesome experience.

Desserts were diverse with Karnataka’s favourite Kai Holige-Flat bread stuffed with grated coconut and jaggery with coconut oil to add over for a mist flavour. The Malenad delicacy-Gasgasey Payasa was served next along with the very delightful Cheenikayi Kadubu-Sweet Pumpkin idlis with homemade rice rawa served with coconut chutney. We were brifed aboit the cuisine by one of the partners –Prasad and his concept behind Cobaja allowing us to relate to this unique cuisine. Available as Ala Carte dishes for lunch and dinner, this special festival is on till August 31st 2019.

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