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Sriracha Robata Contemporary Pan Asian- A reverie in Grills

Sriracha is known for soul stirring pan Asian food for a couple of years now in Bangalore. When Chef Vikas Seth decided to open another outlet in downtown Indiranagar 12th Main, he really pushed the envelope few notches with his take on one of the finest Asian Robata Grills and Barbeque Houses in the city. The portfolio here is extensive with additions like the traditional Cambodian Khmer barbeque and Taiwanese grills exclusive to this outlet only.

We had all intention to save our appetite for the Khmer, but the temptation of the Robata grills was too hard to resist. Our embellishment found completion in the introduction of the Speciality Cocktails menu to be showcased in the World Class Cocktail Week in Mumbai later in May. I decided blindfolded to try the Desi Tiki 10 with my favourite-Talisker and a concoction of jaggery, lemon juice, coconut milk, and turmeric to accompany my carnivorous journey.

We started with the best tasting Cottage Cheese in the city-Pandan Leaf Wrapped Cottage Cheese with Chilli Coriander Soy perfect to enjoy its succulence-my only vegetarian consumption from the Robata Menu. The fresh Turmeric and Red Chilli Prawns with Pineapple and Plum Salsa followed by a very delightful Tamarind and Lemongrass Chicken filled my afternoon with sheer joy of glutton. The Dark Soy and Scallion Lamb were up next paving the way for the up and coming red meats in the form of the Pork Belly and the Tenderloin Steak. The Pork Belly stood out as the best grilled dish of the afternoon with its supple texture grilled to perfection in the Robatayaki.

If Dim sums are your guilty pleasure, then the Charcoal Seafood Dumpling here at Sriracha is bound to make you scream in joy with its unique visual appeal and strong notes in your mouth. Try stopping at one portion with this one, and yes enjoyed best with Chilli Oil.

The Cambodian Khmer was up next where we experienced for the first time meat barbequed in a round metal grill placed on live charcoal served with Asian stock, assorted vegetables, and noodles. It is only available on prior booking and is priced as per the number of diners in a group. The option of meat includes Fish, Prawns, Chicken, and Tenderloin. We tried the Chicken and the Prawn and both were equally desirable. I have honest intention to revisit for the Tenderloin version real soon. Once again-this unique experience is exclusive to Sriracha, Indiranagar only.

Our Main comprised of the Amok Trey, another Cambodian delicacy with Fish and thick coconut milk served with fragrant Jasmine Rice in a banana leaf cup.

The Sumatra Dark Chocolate Mousse served as part of our sweet endings blew us away with its salty notes and got an instant fan in me. . The final dessert served in the form of Banana Cake with Coconut Ice Cream is another popular dish in the menu.

Sriracha Robata & Contemporary Pan Asian Grills is Chef Vikas Seth’s unique take on Asian Grills cooked to perfection in the Japanese Robatayaki Grill with his own unique twist. It was a surreal experience to witness its operation upfront after our meal. Big thanks to Suresh Hinduja and Rupa Balachander for inviting me to this exclusive experience in the company of fellow food enthusiasts.

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