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The Awadhi Indulgence @The Kabab Studio

One of the most coveted cuisines of middle India is the Awadhi Cuisine. Known for its use of subtle yet distinct spices for marinades, Awadhi cuisine is known for its succulent meat grills which melt in the mouth. It has widespread influence on the meat dishes of Lukhnow and to large extent on the contemporary Punjabi cuisine as well. The Kabab Studio, one of Bangalore’s oldest barbeque restaurants at the Goldfinch Hotel is hosting their special Awadhi Food Festival and it was a privilege to be part of it.

Like any Barbeque on the Table, the appetisers were served upfront on a live grill with rich marinades to render that special Awadhi feel. The Nawabi Tangdi was one of the starters which made its way to our plate directly from the tandoor and was cooked to perfection along with the Shami Kabab and Mutton Ran Khas which were part of the live counter at one corner of the restaurant. The Mithali Fish Tikka and the Kadahari Jinga were marinated just right to render that succulence this cuisine’s known for. We were also served some chef’s specials including the Galouti Kabab which was in a league of its own.

The Vegetarian section included the very unique Katthal Ki Kabab, A jackfruit speciality unique to the region and quite a rarity in this part of India. The Jardola Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Phool, and Grilled Pineapple are hot favourites on the grills in many barbeque restaurants. It was however the unique flavours of the Awadhi Kumbh which stood out and scored high with my palate.

I directly transitioned to the Mains by skipping Soup and Salads. They were part of the wider spread although the Awadhi delicacies clearly stood out via their aroma and appeal. I loved the Navaratan Korma, Lukhnowi Bhindi, and the Kali Masala ki Daal with the Lukhnowi Sabz ki Biryani. I could never get enough of the Nadroo Murgh Korma and the Nalli Nihari along with the special Awadhi Murgh Biryani chef made for our table, the aroma of which still lingers on.

Desserts are a must no matter how much I eat and tonight was no exception. I loved their very indigenous Kashi Halua and the Stone Ice Cream for which I chose Pista as my flavour. The Malai Sandwich and Gulab Jamoon also lived up to their expectation and made us happier with our choice of sweet endings.

The Kabab Studio has a very unique ambience and there is always a pan wala to cater to the Banarasi in you after your meal. I did not leave the opportunity to try the meetha Pan here and was quite happy about it. They also have a fully stocked bar and I decided to pair my Awadhi indulgence with a simple potent glass of Long Island Iced Tea which blended exactly the way I like-as alcoholic as it can be. This entire spread is priced at 999INR + GST and is on till June 23.

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