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Achieve your Dream Business Degree with Nexford University Online

Acquiring Business Degree from a US University involve thorough preparation for the GRE/GMAT, followed by endless hours of counselling to identify suitable universities to apply to. The biggest challenges faced by students are steep tuition and lodging fees for these programs. Imagine a Business Degree which offers the same credibility and value proposition as that of any other degree from any reputed university in the US without having to leave your country and at a fraction of the tuition fees charged by American universities? Nexford University is here to change the way you Think, Perceive, and most importantly Acquire your business degree from the US via a 100 % online platform.

Nexford University is an Online University offering BBA and MBA degrees for students all over the world at affordable rates. Their website is highly interactive and provides you with the details required to proceed with the degree which you seek. You can simply start by clicking on the degree you need and follow the step by step guidelines to get an estimate of their tuition fees. You are required to answer a 7 step questionnaire to access your eligibility before you start. Courses start on the 1st of every month and with a minimum application fee of $55, you can kick start your enrolment in no time.

Tuition fees start from as less as 80$/ month for BBA and 160$/ month for MBA respectively and it varies for every candidate. Depending on the degree you seek and prior academic record, the tuition fees can be easily calculated on the website. The tuition fees are lower for higher hours put in per week. Tuition fees can be paid every 2, 6 or 12 months.

Nexford is now offering scholarships to its students for a limited time reducing tuition fees to 20-30% of its actuals at the moment. You can start your application process by simply clicking on the Apply for Scholarship button. This takes you to a simple Nexford Scholarship Application Form for you to fill and Submit. Once approved, you will be sent a voucher code in your email to be used while making the payment online on the website.

Nexford University has not only simplified the overall complexity of acquiring a business degree, but has also made it affordable by reducing the course fees to a fraction of that for residential programs in the US. You do not need to even leave your country to be part of the program. Besides for working professionals like me, I can continue to pursue my degree without even having to quit my job. Besides flexible study hours and 100% online course curriculum, Nexford also offers online assistance for their students. You can choose to even enrol for more than 1 course at a time, provided your GPA Score is higher than 3.0.

So if you feel you are stuck in your career for the lack of a business degree and the idea of a residential program is not feasible, Nexford is your only option. Simply visit to embark on your pursuit.

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