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Seven Ate Nine, The Fun Dine-New Soulfood Destination in Town

Chef Jinnendra Gowda and his culinary extraordinaire finds embodiment in the new café Seven Ate Nine Fun Dine located at the upmarket HSR Layout 17th Main. Situated at the ground level of the Cirkus lounge, this café breathes of life with vibrant colours and hues of Yellow, Red, and Blue to reflect positive vibes. This is also where your search for the perfect soul food stops in the city.

I started my exploration with Chef Jinnu and his simple yet extravagantly curated dishes with the  Char-Grilled Tandoori Aloo. Being a Bengali, Aloo is our quintessential vegetable. The texture of this dish is centred on the various aromas it exudes. The marinade is what makes it even more lust worthy and is sure to win over the biggest critics of the vegetable ever.

Our sojourn continued with Wasabi Malai Cheese Broccoli and Kali Mirch Dhania Kukkad. Being an ardent Broccoli fan, I hardly left anything left on the platter for others to taste. The Wasabi is mild yet invigorating and its impact can be controlled while placing the order. I would always recommend a mild to mid-level application to avoid a nose burn. The Chicken, cooked in Tandoor and marinated with Coriander is another soul food specialty from Chef Jinnu bound to leave one craving for more.

The next appetiser arrived in the form of a very indulgent Guntur Chilli Chicken. The combination of Curry leaves and Tomato Sauce in the Guntur Chilli Chicken complimented each other perfectly and is another feel-good dish at the end of a stressful day. The Char-Grilled Spicy Prawns with a strong Coriander taste satiated the spice lover in me. The Falafel bites served next made a lasting impression and paved the way to our next order of the Mains.

The Falafel Burger was up next and the next best part after the juicy Burger patty is the Burger bun. One of the best Vegetarian Burgers ever tasted, this simple delicacy is one of the highest selling dishes in the menu. No hearty meal is complete without a good Steak, and the Chicken Shawarma Steak made its way next. A very different take on the traditional Shawarma, this is another dish that would make you want to come back for more. The Cheese Sauce is an added attraction and the steak cut is heart-shaped to create a lasting impression. A soul food in the shape of the soul- what more could anyone ask for?

The final Main Course ordered was the Lamb Curry with Coconut Rice, a dish which is from Chef Jinnu’s family recipe and an ultimate comfort food for the meat lover. With a very  flavourful Tomato Onion gravy with Mutton, the Coconut Rice serves as the perfect accompaniment for the dish to be relished with in true South Indian style.

Our sweet endings were twofold-The Rasamalai Tres Leches and the Choco Blast with Ice Cream. I am beyond impressed with the former as Tres Leches is always a favourite and the amalgamation of the Rasamalai and the Mexican favourite is very aptly captured by chef. The result-A dish strong on flavours and mild on the sweetness quotient, just how Tees Leches is supposed to be. The Choco Blast is a gooey Brownie with a dollop of Ice Cream served atop with hot fudge dripping off it edges-enough to generate a few foodgasms.

Seven Ate Nine Fun Dine serves a selection of Healthy Drinks, Juices, and Shakes to go with their delicacies. I tried the Orange Chocolate Milkshake and the Apple, Beetroot and Carrot Juice which paired well with our choice of dishes.

Seven Ate Nine Fun Dine is open for lunch and dinner and is definitely your one-stop shop for the ultimate in comfort food. Every dish here is customizable with respect to spice levels to cater to varying tatsetbuds. The staff here is friendly. The Tres Leches Hospitality Group who run the operations here strongly believe in equal opportunity employment and has thus created many new and promising opportunities based on capability over seniority alone. 

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