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Evolve Back Resorts-A Legacy in Time

It has been a little less than 3 years since I visited the first in the trio-Evolve Back Resorts, Kamalapura Palace, Hampi, then known as Orange County, Hampi. A lot has changed since then around the world. Technology has made us question reality which can be altered to suit our needs and wants and what not? But the walls of this picturesque property bears testimony to a glory era that Hampi once claimed during the Vijayanagara Dynasty. Time stands still here. Let the following shots exemplify my perspective.

Evolve Back Resorts have won many accolades over the past 3 years and some of them are more prestigious than the others. Let the screenshots do the talking.

Some of their achievements include:

  • Evolve Back Resorts has ranked within the Top 10( Coorg @#2, Kabini @#6 and Hampi @#9) among the Top 25 Hotels in India in TripAdvisor Awards 2019.

  • They also feature in the list for Top 25 Hotels of Service-India (Coorg @#2, Kabini @#11 and Hampi @#21) in TripAdvisor Awards 2019.

  • Coorg features at #14 in the list for Top 25 Hotels in Asia in TripAdvisor Awards 2019.

But it was really a stupendous achievement and really a very proud moment for India, when NY Times listed Unesco World Heritage Site Hampi at #2 in its Top 51 Must-See Destinations in 2019.

The popular Hampi Utsav is when Evolve Back Resorts appears with a unique identity of its own with myriad performances and cultural events over the span of the events. This is the time to experience the sights and sounds of Hampi in its true vigour and has to be experienced by every discerning traveller at least once in a lifetime.

My memory is still fresh from my visits over the last couple of years at all these three amazing locations from Evolve Back Resorts, each of which bloom with their own unique colour and much like our tricolour rise and shine brighter year after year.

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