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Advanced Hair Studio needs no introduction. Being present in India for almost a decade now, they have opened in Bangalore in 2012 and have presence in 8 different cities throughout India. It was an amazing oppounity for me to be experience and understand their services offered in the city and get to meet the wonderful team behind these hair magicians.

Hair loss and hair regeration is a big concern for many and always play a huge impact on the overall image and confidence of the individual. With clientele ranging from famous cricketers like Shayne Warne, Jacques Kallis, Sourav Ganguly and Guatam Gambhir, Advanced Hair Studio has already established themselves as the premier company in the genre.

Their infrastructure is world class with every studio around the world reflecting the same passion and drive in the field. With various different categories of lounges for consultation and separate floor for VIPs in order to protect privacy and identity, AHS is nothing short of a five star venue. The hair restoration, grooming, maintenance, and consultation all have separate sections and floors dedicated for the purpose.

The most important aspect which struck me was their unique technology using Laser to attack loss of hair by prior detection and combat baldness in the long run. The procedure enables you to undergo a laser session for 40 minutes for 28 sessions to complete the process of strengthening your hair root avoiding future hair loss. This state of the art technology is unique to AHS and is definitely something that is a dream come true.

I was in talks with their Operations Head Simarpreet and Studio Director Manjula who took me through the entire lowdown of how AHS has literally turned the course of nature using science and technology. For a more insightful version of my rendezvous with the hair gurus, here is Simarpreet in person explaining everything about what they do and specialize in:

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