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World of Christmas @Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore

Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore has a few surprises for you this Christmas season. Starting from 14th Dec through 25th, they are hosting World of Christmas, a Christmas special carnival at their courtyard.

The launch of the event saw the unveiling and the lighting of the tallest Christmas tree in South India standing at 75 feet tall and adding to the grandeur of the season.

This was followed by a performance titled The Grand Cantata Show, a heart-touching story of a girl named Anne and her experiences during the Christmas season.

You can check more of the Cantata on my Youtube Channel as below:

As part of the fortnightly long celebrations, there are many more events to watch out for including the highly talked about Christmas Market which is one of the first of its kinds in the city. This boulevard can be compared to International standards with the variety of Christmas goodies they have to offer at very reasonable prices. You have to drop by to check them out.

They also have a very unique event where an International choir will perform carols tonight at 1800 hours.

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