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Formenti-Made in Italy, Available in Bangalore

Formenti has garnered a special position in the genre of bespoke Italian furniture around the world. Founded by Mr. Formenti, an interior designer by profession in 1974, the company has been synonymous with elegant creations which stand out as statement pieces for over 4 decades. Their creations include leather sofas, armchairs, tables, beds and furnishings reflecting the mood and ambience of their surroundings and have endorsed numerous homes and offices of the famous and the fabulous.

Formenti’s signature furniture has also adorned offices, hotels, palaces, resorts and commercial spaces catering to fine clientele all over the globe. With strict adherence to Quality, Design and Elegance-their 3 key areas of focus, Formenti has been able to establish their milestones high and above in a league of their own. With truly Italian design and skilled craftsmanship, Formenti furniture is truly a collector’s best kept secret.

Formenti furniture is now available in India through their only authorised distributor in Bangalore, Fulcrum Style.

For more details, contact:

Fulcrum Style,

Charter Resorts-2, C-2, 2nd Floor, 51/6, Rathna Avenue, Richmond Road, Bangalore -560034

Telephone: 91 99029 16323


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