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My day Eating Out @Orion Mall

Have you ever had a full day just to eat your way through while shopping at one of your favourite malls in the city? Well I did and boy it is fun! Last Wednesday my shopping trip to Orion Mall at Brigade Gateway made me explore the various dining options it has to offer from early afternoon through dinner.

My day does not begin without a cuppa coffee and where better to get mine at Toscano located by the pool? I decided to have a mini brekkie which graduated to a sort of a brunch with me ordering a Greek Salad with Salmon and a Chicken Parmigiana as Main. The latter is a Toscano special and is a dish to saviour. My Chocolate Mousse and Mango Mousse were the final sweet beginnings to my culinary indulgence at this Italian bistro who has garnered quite a niche in the genre. It just does not get any better.

My next stop for an experience in everything Chicken landed me to Nando’s which happens to be their only other store in the city after Indiranagar. I was tempted with the Espetadas, available in both Chicken and Vegetarian options. It was however the Peri Peri ½ Chicken that qualified for my binging massacre which followed.

Early evening drinks took me to adjoining The Beer Café which apart from their beer is quite well known for cocktails. I ordered the Currytini and the Devil’s Martini with a side order of Gambas Al Ajillo and some Nachos served Stadium Style. I was impressed with the hint of chilli in the prawns and thought were the right accompaniment with the spicy Vodka based cocktails.

My dinner destination every time I am at Orion has to be the exquisite Punjab Grill. Being the only outlet in the city, Punjab Grill is the ultimate fine dining luxury destination for authentic Punjabi food. We tried their Mutton Sheekh Kebab and some Gucchi Pulao and Chicken Lababdar. We also had some Vegetable Makhani with Naan to complete our culinary indulgence. My final order of the evening was Raabri which undoubtedly is my favourite Indian dessert, although not from Punjab originally.

My indulgent day has made me look at Orion Mall with a whole different perspective now. Next time you are here, be sure to check these outlets out for your ultimate cravings-Indian, African, Alcoholic or Italian. No matter what your choice of Cuisine is, Orion has something to offer to make your experience special.

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