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The Signature Royal Shaving experience at Truefit & Hill

Truefitt & Hill being the world’s oldest barber shop, exclusively for men also specialize in a few signatures to their credit. The Royal Shave is their signature service and is nothing like you have ever experienced before.

The following steps involve this elaborate experience:

  • With a shower cap on the head, the first step is exfoliation with a Face Scrub using an in-house product.

  • After the scrub is over, a hot towel is wrapped around the face to allow pores to open and make the skin ready for the ultimate shaving experience.

  • After application of Pre-Shave oil, the hot towel is back up to make the skin ready for the next steps.

  • After application of a Shaving Cream, a shaving razor is used to attain the required result.

  • After another hot towel application and another touch-up of the shaving cream and a more thorough shave for a cleaner look, it is time for a face massage.

  • After a shoulder and neck massage, the After Shave Balm/ Cologne is applied depending on the preference of the customer.  You can choose from a variety of fragrances available, all manufactured by Truefitt & Hill themselves.

This entire process takes about 45 minutes and is the ultimate in men’s luxury grooming regime. For a quick video of my Royal Shave, click the YouTube link below:

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