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Truefitt & Hill- The Royal Hair Cut at World's Oldest Barber Shop

It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to experience service at the World’s Oldest Barber Shop. Earlier this week, I was selected to be part of a very exclusive experience at the Truefitt & Hill outlet at their latest address in Whitefield. I opted for a Royal Haircut, followed by a Royal Shave.

As you walk through the doors, you are greeted by the lively staff at this Gentleman Only barber shop and the display of their grooming products catch your attention. I was lead to the private cabin where usually the Royal Services are rendered with utmost precision and finesse.

After an initial consultation of the scalp, I was able to identify the style that would be my baseline for the haircut. I was treated by my very efficient service partner Mohammed to a hair wash before the actual operation began.

We started with a length specification on the trimmer of graduation 2 to attain the right length for my choice. The finer cuts were then performed with a graduation 1 to complete the final haircut. It usually lasts for about an hour depending on the length of the hair. Once the grooming is complete, it is time for another wash followed by a conditioner to retain moisture before the application of hair products for styling and setting purposes. Truefitt & Hill do not use any external brands for their grooming requirements but their in-house products only. I styled my newly cut hair with an Almond scented oil-free serum to add sheen and volume. All the products used can be purchased from their counter at a very reasonable price.

For a brief procedure of the actual cutting experience, please visit my YouTube channel for a short video:

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