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Punjab Bistro-Old Favourites, New Indulgence

Punjab Bistro is a new set of memoirs for the quintessential foodie seeking north Indian cuisine in Koramangala. The earlier favourites from the menu like Salmon Tikka are retained with introduction of brand new dishes to sweep you off your feet one more time. With its brand new interiors and brighter lights, this definitely looks more like a Bistro than another fine dining restaurant.

We tasted the new introduction to the menu and the Patthar De Ghosht was my ultimate favourite. Its succulence is something to cherish for days to come. The Paneer Tikka Multani, Palak Corn Quesadillas and the Dahi Ke Kebab are vegetarian masterpieces one could never get enough of. The Lahori Chargha is another chicken dish bound to leave you mesmerized in the appetisers section.

The Mains were primarily reined by the most divine of the Dal ever tasted by me-Dal Moradabadi with Sheermal, a sweet bread and Chur Chur Paratha. The Lal Maans was a bit different from the traditional taste of the dish but was unique and went well with the Paratha. The Kacchi Gosht ki Biryani was a usual pleaser and the raita served alongside was an absolute accomplishment.

If there is something that can give Punjab Bistro a run for its Dal Moradabi, then those are its desserts. The Bistro Special Mille Feuille with its unique plating and appeal is enough to make even the most orthodox dessert hater crave for more .The Jalebi Churros will make you an indulgent foodie with probably one more portion order to do justice to your tatsetbuds. I have paired my meal with their new set of Cocktail offerings and the Bistro Sparkle stood out from the rest owing to its potency and summer friendly vibes. This place definitely brings back a lot of memories from the earlier Punjab Grill, all of which has only paved way to fresh ones with its new avatar.

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