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New memories with Chef Luo @Memories of China, Taj MG Road

Being the preferred destination for Chinese Cuisine in the CBD area, Memories of China hold a very special place in my heart. So when I got a chance to experience it all over again with Chef Lou who has recently joined the team, I was ecstatic to say the least.

I started with their very humble yet delightfully delectable Steamed Prawn Dumpling Har Gou. The Steamed Chung Fan followed with Dry Shrimp and Spring Onion, the myriad flavours of which simply transported me to food heaven.

Next up was the Roast Barbequed Pork Belly which was cooked to perfection. I also ordered some Dry Chilli Fish Szechuan style and fell in love with Grouper all over again. The Crispy Darling Chilli Chicken was our final choice amongst appetisers.

After visiting the kitchen for a quick video with Chef Lou, we started our Mains and the unforgettable Kung Pao Chicken was my ask as it is my recurring order every time I visit Memories. We also had some Prawns with Golden Garlic, a Chef’s Special to go with the very progressive Fried Rice with Asparagus and Egg White and the combination was just divine. The Steamed Grouper Fillet with Light Soya, Cantonese Style was another side order that really enriched our taste buds.

The Desserts are always the most innovative part of Memories and who can forget their signature Deep Fried Sesame Dumpling with Ferrero Rocher? I also had a very generous serving of the Date Pancake served with Ice Cream and the Deep Fried Coconut Ice cream with fresh fruits, the latter being a very pleasant surprise for me.

The menu boasts of all the old time favourites and has a few additions in the Chef’s Special section. Chef Luo with his signature style of garnishing has recreated the old time favourites with his personal touch enhancing the flavours and aroma to a new dimension. Drop by to create fresh memories of this unforgettable destination for the ultimate indulgence in everything Chinese.

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