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Thailand in Luru-Aroy Thai @Monsoon, The Park

The Park, Bangalore has always been a class apart when it comes to lust worthy cuisines from around the world. With summer in full swing, it is time for Bengaluru to experience some authentic Thai dishes from Chef Satit Chaimano at their latest culinary extraordinaire titled Aroy Thai.

I started with the very humble yet statement making Yum Broccoli, something that every broccoli lover will swear by me included. In the appetisers section, the Tod Man Khao Pod or the Corn Fritters, The Raw Mango Salad and the Tapioca Pearl Balls with Shitake Mushroom fillings were pure bliss to start with.

The Non Vegetarian counterparts started pouring in with the Goong Hom Pha, Marinated whole Prawn Spring Rolls taking our taste buds by storm. This was followed by the drool worthy Crispy Fried lamb with Chilli, Ginger and Cashewnuts which was my ultimate indulgence. The Stir Fried Chicken with Bell Pepper and the Thai Style Fish Black Pepper were up next and were both delectable to say the least.

The Soup in this special menu is of two types-The popular Tom Yum and the more subtle Tom Kha. We tasted both but it was the Tom Kha which won my heart over.

It was time for the Mains to arrive and the Grilled Lamb Chops with hot Basil sauce adorned our table with its majestic appeal. This was by far the best dish of the vining enjoyed with some Jasmine rice. The Minced Chicken with Chilli and hot Basil and Steamed Fish in Soya Bean Sauce were served next and were cooked to perfection. I also had a mini bowl of Phad Thai; the national dish of Thailand cooked with Tofu and crushed Peanuts to add to its valour.

We made it a point to try all the desserts bit by bit and started with the Water Chestnut Rubies in Pandan flavoured Coconut Milk. The Khao Pod Piek-Corn Pudding and the Black Sticky ice with Coconut Cream and Lychee were other options. It was however the flamboyant I-Tim Takrai-Lemongrass Gelato which stood out amongst desserts both in presentation and taste.

Aroy Thai is running for Dinner only every day till May 5 2018 and all the dishes can be ordered Ala Carte from their very chicly designed menu.

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