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Honor 7x: Latest Flagship Camera Review

It was really a thrilling experience to receive a flagship before it is officially launched in the country. But let me tell you Honor 7x, the latest flagship from Huawei is going to be quite a sensation when finally launched early next month.

Camera and its various features:

I am going to start this review where I feel this phone exceeds its contemporaries- professional grade Camera and its unique features.

Rear Camera:

Honor 7x flaunts a rear dual shooter with a 16 MP primary and a 2MP secondary to add those extra depths including the Bokkeh effects and others.

Like its predecessor, Honor 7x comes with a “Pro” Mode which allows adjusting the ISO, Exposure, EV, AF and AWB to desired values to achieve that professional edge to every shot. There is also the HDR, Night Shot and Panorama modes which are nothing new or revolutionary. But mention needs to be made of the standard Photo Mode which comes with a few new features:

Wide Aperture Mode:

Once enabled, this mode is able to shoot in all Aperture values ranging from 0.9 5 to 16. That is a pretty impressive range and takes care of those selective blurs and focus for a standard wide aperture click. For Low Light conditions, a lower aperture helps in focussing on the subject thereby blurring the rest. Take a look at the shots below where the focus is on the stage and the hammock with subjective blur of the elements around it. Switching off the Aperture mode enables the normal camera performance with a standard f value of 2.2 which might not be the best in the market but renders decent pictures in good lighting conditions.

Portrait Mode:

Another feature, which is not new to phones, is the Portrait mode rendering almost perfect portrait shots comparable to those shot with a standard DSLR using a Prime lens. This mode switches the megapixel value to 8 and renders the best portraits with a perfect background blur making the subject look brighter and prominent. Look at the shots below taken in good lighting conditions and the ones in the low light using this mode. Although the latter renders sharper pictures, the one shot within a club are quite impressive.

Moving Picture:

This is purely a phone feature and is used when shooting subjects in motion. They render the perfect shot without any blur of the subject with the focus being intact as much as possible. Take a look at the shots below from a concert where the subject was head banging and the shot taken in perfect harmony with it. When checking it out, a little snippet of the movement is displayed followed by the still, something which is again a phone-only feature and is not captured when viewed elsewhere.

Good Food Mode:

Appreciate those delish photos of the dishes you love with never-before seen contrast and sharpness unparalleled by any device in this range. Although this is an automatic setting, yet you will never complain about its quality and is near DSLR-grade. Have a look at the shots below …PS: For your eyes only …

Here are some shots taken without any effects in the standard HDR mode, some in low light conditions.

Front Camera:

The Front shooter packs in a 8 Megapixel camera with added features like the Portrait Mode and the Flash. The Portrait mode has a beauty meter from 0-10 and renders good selfies with a decent background blur. The extreme low light has some disturbance but is quite all right for a phone in this range. Have a look at the samples below.

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