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Chin Chin, Whitefield's latest addition

Chef Shaun Kenworthy is not only a man of many talents, but is also known for re-inventing his culinary creation from time to time. His latest venture, Chin Chin –a chic Pan-Asian bistro located at the wide open expanse of 153 Biere Street exudes special interest for all Asian food lovers, especially considering Whitefield has only a handful of go-to places for the same.

We started our special Sunday tasting with some signature cocktails-Asian Sensation, Chin Chin Thai and Dragon Margarita to name a few. They all paired perfectly with the cuisine.

We started with the Dim Sums-Green Pea with Truffle Oil which was a league part from anything that I ever tasted in the genre. The Broccoli and Cheese Bao and the Har Gaw Shrimps were the next inline. The Char Sui Pork buns were quite intriguing ad so were the Thai Grilled Mushrooms served as appetisers.

The best Chicken Satay so far was up next and was followed up by the divine, a definite dish to die for –The Pork Spare Ribs in Honey BBQ glaze.

The Papaya Salad was flavourful and the presentation was simply breath-taking.

I am a big Kung Pao Chicken fan, and the one here made me very satisfied. But it was the Shredded Beef among the Mains which took my breath away. I served myself a generous portion of the Indonesian Fried Rice with Mixed Meat and Seafood to do justice to the peppery flavour. The Thai Red Curry in Chicken was definitely a big crowd favourite.

The Desserts are always the best of the surprises and the Lemon Grass Panna Cotta was probably the food of the gods from up-above. The Water Chestnuts and the Chinese Mango Pudding followed, but the Panna Cotta takes the crown.

A section of 153, Biere Street has been converted to Chin Chin and the décor fits the mood and the culture of the far-east. A definite visit whenever one is in Whitefield without thinking twice for a taste of simple and authentic Asian flavours.

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