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Japanese Temple Food @Edo, ITC Gardenia

The primary principle behind Buddhism is Ahimsa, and hence the food consumed by the Japanese monks in their temples reflects the same. Shojin Ryori or enlightened cooking dates back to 6th Century and has been a part of the Zen lifestyle. Here five basic cooking methods are used to render these unique dishes. Edo at the Gardenia has introduced this unique cuisine as part of their Lunch menu.

Chef Kamlesh was vivid in explaining each and every dish before we sat down for this set presented in a very contemporary Asian chic manner.

The first ingredients include Umeboshi, Kappa and Takwan Oshinko, a Plum, Cucumber and a Daikon Pickle served in a dishes and are had by the Buddhist monks at the beginning of their meal.

The Chuka Wakame- Sesame Marinated Seaweed and Mozuku, a Shiragiku Vinegar marinated Seaweed are had next before proceeding overy to the Mains.

The Braised Freeze Dried Tofu with sweet Miso sauce serves as the equivalent to appetisers to a traditional meal and the Suimono, a traditional Japanese Clear soup follows it.

The Grilled Shitake and Boletus Mushrooms are quite delectable and the Sweet Potato and Eggplant Tempura reminds us of traditional Japanese Deep-Fried dishes.

The Umebido or Japanese Sea grapes and Furofuki Daikon are the next in the set.

The Aburagae Yukari Gohan is a unique dish where Sweetened Fried Tofu is stuffed with Plum Infused Steamed Rice and is by far the tastiest dish on the menu. However a little bit of Miso and Wasabi does not hurt.

It was a very different experience with respect to Japanese cuisine and is served as part of the Lunch menu at Edo. The pricing depends on the various options chosen to be eaten as part of the set. The ongoing promotion is on till August 9th and can be compared to our very own Satwik style of dishes. A very modest initiative by Chef Kamlesh Joshi and the team at ITC Gardenia.

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