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Buy Best Cheese @Godrej Nature's Basket

The search for the perfect Cheese is many a cumbersome experience, especially when you live in a country whose middle name is Prohibition. For a dairy lover like me, I believe in stocking up as a result anticipating the worse. But never has my search been so fruitful until I stepped within the confines of the Godrej Nature’s Basket store at Shantinagar and discovered a whole new range of Gourmet Cheese, well enough for me to stock up for the month and smile my way to the refrigerator.

I was quite happy to notice my all-time favourite Red Cheddar Singleton from Leicester, a part of London famous for their dairy. This is a matured variety and is best accompanied with Crackers or even some unsalted Nachos. I used to pair them with Sutter Home Chardonnay back in the UK.

The next in my list was definitely something closer to the paradise of Cheese-Netherlands. The mildly flavoured Holland Kroon Gouda was something of a visual turn-on the moment you set your eyes on. Its shape and packaging makes you want to bite it right off the block. At a very humble price of less than 500 INR for as much as 250 grams, this one’s a steal and definitely popular when you are hosting a party with good Wine and Liquors.

Nothing takes precedence over Smoked Cheese and the Westzaner Naturel takes the crown amongst the range. Smoke-cured by authentic Oakwood chips, this one is not 100% Vegetarian and hence is marked Red by the store. The use of Rennet categorizes a cheese into Non Vegetarian. However its vegetarian equivalent is what is used in most of the Cheese available here and hence marked with a Green dot.

I have always sworn over DanaBlu and the Castello and is best paired with a full bodied Malbec or even Bordeaux. I am always stocking up on Blue Cheese as its unique piquant notes adds more punch to a homemade seafood pizza.

The next cheese I drooled over was the very red Edam-Holland Kroon, a mild cheese again from Netherlands which goes very well with a light rice cracker. Available in a very attractive packaging this one makes one want to buy the entire block, needless to mention its very attractive pricing.

The Parmesan-Parmiggiano Reggiano considered to be one of the best among the Cheese Connoisseurs is paired pretty well with a medium bodied wine like a Viognier or even a Sangiovese. Again considered to be a non-vegetarian cheese, this one is on the higher price bracket and is something to savour in the presence of precious company.

There is also some Cream Cheese from Grand’Or which is a breakfast favourite spread over a bagel or a slice of white bread. Made from pure cow’s milk, this smooth cheese is enjoyed also simply on a cracker in generous quantities.

The Spicy Sambal Chillies when mixed with pure Dutch Gouda created by Landana is unique in its own way and mid-bodied enjoyed best with some good old Sparkling Wine. Priced in the mid-range, this one is also quite affordable for the myriad flavours it creates in a palette.

Back in the United Kingdom, it is time for some good old Grandma’s Singleton Lancashire, one of the oldest and most popular cheese of our times. This fresh and young cheese goes with almost everything and is quite popular with Cabernet Sauvignon.

The penultimate in my list is another Smoked Dutch variety-the Holland Kroon which is also quite a steal being in the higher price range. It was however the Ricotta block that was the premium among the various ranges and is a rarity.

My joyful journey would not have been complete without the help of the professional and helpful staff at the Shantinagar outlet headed by Amar and Siddharth. As I walked out of the store with a smile that stretched from ear to ear, I look forward to the many indulgent evenings that remains to be spent with my recent purchase from Godrej Nature’s Basket.

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