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Bemisaal Bohri Daawat @Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia

With Eid reverberating on its departing thresholds, the taste of eclectic spices like Saffron and Cardamom linger on the taste buds like true guilty pleasure. There is still a couple of days to enjoy the ongoing Bohri Food Festival at the Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia held on occasion of Eid Ul Fitr and Inshallah, this one’s too precious to miss!

I was part of a selected group of aficionados to savour this delicately flavoured but flamboyant spread earlier last week. Chef Johair explained to us the background and the culture behind every Bohri household and how every meal is a celebration in itself and starts with a tasting of a pinch of salt by the youngest member of the family. The food is shared from one big thali and is marked by a sweet dish at the end of every course.

We started with the Kharek at the entrance and The Sweet Pak made its way to out plates. This was accompanied with a duo of drinks-the very elaichi flavoured Coconut Malai and the very exotic Gol Pani with Sabjaa seeds. The Kheema Samosa and the Kheema Pattice were both delectable and I ended up ordering a few extra portions of the same. The Chicken Cream Tikka was the final in the Entrees section and drew to a close with the very delightfully flavoured Mango Malai, a summer special drink made of Malai and Khoya with the richness of fresh mangoes.

The Patrel Gosht was up next with its unique blend of Cocoyam leaves, but it was the Lagan-y-Seekh a very special casserole of Minced meat with eggs on top took the crown for the best dish. The Kaari Chicken was best enjoyed with Gakhar Roti, a thick layered bread and some Dry Fruit Chutney. The Khaja formed the sweet endings for the current course.

The best was saved for the last with the Bohri Special Biryani making a grand entrance with its myriad flavours and aromatic appeal. Served with Bhuna Baigan Raita, this special preparation boasts of the presence of potato along with succulent pieces of lamb. It was the very popular Sheer Khurma which was served at the final dessert for the evening. The Paan Goli was the ultimate mouth freshener served at the end of the meal and deserves special mention.

This unique food festival is running till July 2 only for Dinner at the Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia as part of their Buffet spread. Apart from the aforementioned Non Vegetarian options, there are ample Vegetarian counterparts as well and is a must visit for every foodie.

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