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Escape to Druid Garden

The word Druid refers to ancient Pagan nomadic tribes from the Nordic regions of Pre-historic Europe and find mention in the pages of the popular Asterix series of comics by Goscinny. Anyhow, Druid Garden located at SahakarNagar in the vicinity of Hebbal might not have any reference to that, but like the Asterix series of comics stands out tall amongst the various other venues that has recently opened in the city.

One cannot miss its luminescent neon signs from the Airport Flyover after crossing the busy signal of Hebbal. I was quite intrigued by the sheer enormity and appeal of the venue as I walked in on a super busy Saturday evening.

Druid Garden boasts of a retractable roof which opens up to the sky in the main area where the Brewery and the bar section is located. There are separate enclosures for Private Fine Dining and family including an exclusive VIP section for pre-booked private parties. We sat in the common area where all the action was and was immediately attended to by the very attentive and pleasant Rajat to help us with the choice of drinks.

Having opened their brewery recently, it’s an important to have a taste of the Czech house-specials, the only such variety available in Btown. We asked for samples of all three before deciding which one to go for, and I ordered the Aztec Coffee, the very first from the menu, a Druid exclusive.

The presentation of my cocktail was at par excellence and the dark Chocolate frosting on the sparkling glass was unique and appealing. It was refreshing and of medium potency and just what I needed to start my evening with. We ordered as part of Bar Snacks the very popular Lamb Guller Kabab and Fried Olives stuffed with Minced Chicken, an absolute original and a relish to savour. I was impressed by the sheer authenticity of its taste and the succulence of the meatballs. We also tried the Paneer Tikka and the Vietnamese Summer Rolls, stuffed with Raw Vegetables and Shrimps served with Hoisin Mayo. This combination is definitely a hit and stood out amongst the various entrees served. We also savoured some Pan Fried Prawns in White Wine sauce which were cooked perfectly and left us craving for more.

The second round of drinks were decided upon and it was time for the Papillion Iced Tea, a unique blend of Tequila, Vodka, and Rum with Blue Butterfly Pea Flower essence. This is definitely a crowd favourite and was quite high in potency, something I really enjoy. It was time to try out the Small Plates and I decided to go for Duck Tacos and Pizza Con Pesce, a mixed Seafood Pizza. The Tacos are the best I have ever had and the Duck meat just melt in my mouth. It was however the sheer size and grandeur of the Pizza that made me realise that it is actually a square meal for two if ordered separately. The base is soft and the size a super Dominator one, and hence the portion quite American to say the least. We thoroughly enjoyed our Secondis

The third and final drink of the evening was the Polynesian Potion, another House Special and more on the sweeter side. It was time for us to order our Mains and we decided to go with the Seafood Ravioli and the Pineapple Fried Rice and Cashew Chicken. The Chicken was very well-cooked and the abundance of cashew splits brought out the true flavours of the dish bordering spicy notes. I was extremely content with the quality and the presentation and was smiling ear to ear after my meal.

It was the turn of the Desserts and Amit, our host suggested we try the 3 varieties of Gelato along with the Carrot Cake and the Blueberry Cheese Cake. The presentation of each and every dish stood out and the Carrot Cake was my personal favourite among the three. However the presence of plated fresh Blueberries on the side made the Cheesecake inviting.

This has been one of the best meals on a Saturday evening I have had in some time, and the distance to cover to get to the venue is totally worth it. Druid Garden also has various special offers like IPL Special deals and Set Luncheon menus to cater to various requirements of the discerning crowd. A place which not only stands out with its sheer brilliance and breath-taking interiors, but also excels in contemporary Cuisine authentic to its roots and prepared from freshly sourced ingredients. This is definitely a must visit for every outgoing Bangalorean and for followers of AriGami.

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