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Bahubali 2: The Conclusion : Express Review

Much hype has been created around Bahubali 2: The Conclusion. And I feel rightfully so, keeping in mind its grandeur and mass appeal, not to mention the display of raw manhood and bulging muscles which is a definite USP of films in this genre- a trend started by Gerard Butler in 300.

I am not going to reveal why Kuttappa killed Amarendra Bahubali: You have to watch the film for that. But I will definitely say this much: The plot is way more complicated and intense than you can think. This part has way more drama and theatrical elements than the first one. From the Elephant Hide embarking to the high octane drama from Shivagami, every time she is proven wrong or errs in judgement, everything about this flick this is bigger, better and more magnanimous than its previous instalment. The VFX better, the action stunts more detailed and needless to mention more beef and adrenaline pumped into every scene.

Anoushka (whatever her last name is) is very plane Jane and does not come anywhere near to Tammana’s glamour. Prabhas is bigger and better, but I feel the facial hair could have been trimmed a bit shorter. The man has issues smiling with this bulk. Rana (Again whatever his last name is) is bigger and is more of a bad ass than earlier. But he does make you laugh in his last scene when begging for life before being burnt alive with his one-eye situation.

SS Rajamouli has achieved what no other director has succeeded before. He has made a successful Franchise of the same with various offers and promotions running successfully alongside. This is definitely India’s answer to any Mega Budget films of Hollywood. Kudos to him for a successful execution at that.

I cannot comment bout the exorbitant prices of the tickets, and I myself bought a ticket at full price. As long as we pay, we should not be whining about it. The argument for the money being worth for the film is a separate one, and I am not treading into that territory. In a nutshell, this film is definitely worth a watch and paisa vasool or not is a completely personal perspective.

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