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Taste of Arabia with Chef Rami @ The Market, Ritz Carlton

Chef Rami is quite a familiar name in Bangalore and has made a few visits to showcase his unique style of cooking all the way from the Ritz Carlton, Dubai. Hailing from Syria and the face of his flagship restaurant-Amaseema, Chef Rami’s dishes infuse the best of not only Arabic, but also Moroccan, Persian and Lebanese dishes. I was part of a tasting session with a few others to experience his unique culinary voyage across Asia Minor.

We started with the Chicken and Oats soup which is a very acquired taste and might not rank very high in popularity.

It is however the Salads and Mezze that followed with the traditional Hummus and some unique flavours of the Eggplant Mutable which would really cater to the Indian palette. The Beetroot Mutable was probably the most exotic of the lot and was quite enticing to say the least. The Mouhamara , Olive Salad and Cous Cous were top favourites and went well with the traditional flat bread-Manakish.

No Arabic food is complete without Shawarma and the live station with Chef Rami’s special garnishing deserves mention in this regard. Undoubtedly the most popular, it infuses authentic flavours and a unique garnishing loved and enjoyed by one and all.

The Mains were segregated into Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian section. I started with the Arabic Mixed Grill and tried the Spicy Potato with Coriander. But it was the Eggplant Moussaka that stole my heart and I made sure I satiated myself.

The Non Vegetarian Mains showcased the Shrimp Majboos, which is quite similar to the Indian Biryani and went well with the Iranian Lamb Stew, my personal favourite. The Chicken Kofta and the Chicken with Spinach were dishes that are primarily enjoyed with flat bread.

Lebanese Cuisine boasts of the best of the desserts and is quite an elaborate affair when it comes to its variety and presentation. The Uma Ali, a traditional bread pudding was the highlight of the evening. The baked Marzipans in a couple of varieties were also quite delectable. The Mouhalabih, a condensed milk dish with dry fruits and condiments was the final jewel in the crown to this exotic course. We sipped some authentic Syrian Tea after our meal with aromas of Herbs and Dry Fruits like Walnut.

Aptly titled The Taste of Arabia, this one of a kind special menu is available for Dinner Buffet only for a few more days and is coming to an and with the Sunday Brunch on the 30th of April 2017. Priced at Rs.2350 ALL Inclusive, it is quite a steal for the variety and authenticity it provides. Please call (080) 49148000 for Reservations at the Market, Ritz Carlton Bangalore.

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