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The Art of Blending-A beginner's guide to Scotch with Hemant Mundkur

Scotch is many a man’s favourite, but how many really care to know about its history? Being an ardent seeker, it was imperative for me to accept the invitation when this wonderful opportunity was presented. And who better than the brand ambassador for USL himself-Hemant Mundkur?

Biere Club, Lavelle road played host to this one of a kind event where the intricacies of Scotch making was explained in an interactive session by Hemant himself. I was happy to taste my favourite Mule with Johnnie Walker Red Label, a refreshing cocktail for a humid summer evening. As the various tastes and blends were unveiled, it was evident why we paired some Scotch with Nuts and others with Dark Chocolate.

We started with the very popular Black &White by James Buchanan and explored its smooth Butterscotch and Vanilla Oak flavour. Almond dipped in Honey was its perfect accompaniment.

Next up was the celebrated Vat 69, an extremely popular brand in India which brings back memories from November 22nd 2016, but let me not bore you with that. Its fresh and woody notes paired with Dark Chocolate calls for the perfect celebratory drink for special occasions-for me it was the unison of two people so similar, yet so different, so close yet so far away.

As we moved on to the more eclectic Black Dog, Triple Reserve it was time for the unique taste of Sherry and Citrus to come forth in its full vigour. When paired with some apricot, it formed the perfect blend.

The Johnnies were up next with the Red Label, which is mostly enjoyed as a tall drink topped with Soda and lots of ice with a wedge of lime and enjoyed best in the company of friends or at a casual get- together. The more elegant and considered by many as the best Scotch in the history of the world-Black Label was the final one to taste. Aged for a minimum of 12 years, this unique blend is complex and enjoyed best with a dash of water or ice cubes. The Vanilla and Cardamom paired well with the Johnnies as well as the Plum Cake.

Post the session, we enjoyed our cocktails and a few starters from the Biere Club including Chicken Wings and Fish and Chips. It was truly an informative evening spent in the company of good friends and fellow Scotch Aficionados.

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