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Far from the maddening crowd, A bliss called Grasshopper...

Bangalore has seen many a change in the past decade. But of the few constants, is its attention to detail and craving for finer things that life has to offer. One of the venues which not only has stood tall for almost a decade and is undoubtedly the most sought after and above and beyond any competitive analogy or comparison is Grasshopper. Located almost 15 kms from the CBD on Banerghatta road, this is where nature meets pure bliss in the form of fine dining dishes infused with the subtleties of French finesse and a touch of Orient to enhance one’s sensory experience. Grasshopper is not just another restaurant, it is an experience-one to cherish for and probably with someone you never get tired of.

They say, you should visit Paris with love by your side. The city of love breaks your heart otherwise. Grasshopper, on the other hand welcomes you with open arms to cherish the best of its cuisine in the realm of pure natural bliss with the one you want to share a special experience with. There might be special days to celebrate love, longing and togetherness, but good food needs no occasion. Such is the power of this venue. It infuses so much love, care and affection in everything that is served on your plate, the presence of love by your side is just an icing on this cake.

There is something one needs to keep in mind before planning a meal here. Grasshopper does not have a fixed Menu, neither do they take walk-ins without prior reservation. One has to call up at least a day in advance to check the availability of the tables. They have seven tables including one semi-private and one private and are almost always booked out. The Menu is revealed in front of you as they are served and prior information pertaining to allergies and preferences noted down while placing the reservation. They offer a choice of 5-Course or a 7-Course meal for both Luncheon and Dinner. They also have a very chic and eco-friendly boutique where current runaway trends are available at very competitive prices. The setup of the boutique is industrial-chic and reminds one of Prague a bit.

We started by taking a tour of the property, as the proprietor herself explained to us the concept behind and its history. They reside in the same premises and she is also solely responsible for the designs that we admired so much.

As we sat down for the beginning of our extensive 7-course luxurious meal, I could not help but wonder what the Amuse Bouche could be. To my wonder it was the very subtle yet exotic Cucumber Gel with Herbed Crème Cheese and Flying Fish Roe that appeared. To say I was impressed by the culmination of flavours of this surreal dish would be an understatement. The acquired taste of the Flying Fish Roe added that extra jest that was just right for this otherwise understated combination. Not only did it work well, but it stood out amongst a lot of similar courses tried at other venues.

The Ginger Mint Cooler served with the Amuse Bouche served as the right accompaniment for the second course which was the more intense Crostinis of Chicken with Walnut Pesto and Aubergine with Caramelized Onions. I loved the Aubergine version over Chicken, as I always admire the plethora of flavours that it emanates. A very thoughtful plating and the earthiness of the Pesto added a whole new dimension to it.

I was craving for the Argentinian Malbec that I had carried from the House of AG. This is one place where you can carry your own Wine or Drinks if you want. They do have a limited selection just in case you prefer to order them with your dishes separately on an Ala Carte basis.

My Malbec went perfectly well with the third course which was a very prominent Prawns with Mango, Ginger, Sesame and Seaweed. This one was a plethora of flavours and it simply needs to be tasted to experience it first-hand. I was Impressed with the plating and the crunchiness of the Seaweed made the dish even more exotic than it already was.

Grasshopper is located in the heart of nature, and so natural organic vegetables play a vital role in its Menu. Up next was the very Green Salad of Oven Roasted Tomato, Feta and Basil. I am a Salad person and have tasted the best of them around the world. But this one was undoubtedly one of the best I have ever tasted. This was my prima experience with Oven Roasted Tomatoes and unlike dried ones, retained every flavour and the entirety of the juice within them. It was such a delight to taste a Tomato in its authentic form yet with the softness that only roasting in an oven could provide.

The Mains were ready to conquer our taste buds with the very Crisp Seabass with Capers over Pea Puree. Another first for me. I have never quite tasted a Pea Puree before in my Mains. The saltiness of the fish and the earthy flavour of the Puree complimented each other and somewhere gave rise to a flavour more ethereal and unheard of in any other dish. This was by far a dream dish, one that probably can be associated with a stolen kiss on the neck or an intentional whisper around one’s lobes. Without getting too explicit, if there was one dish that signified lovemaking, this would be it. One has to experience it to know what I am talking about here.

The penultimate dish was probably the boldest of the lot-Smoked Duck Breast with Plum Sauce over Butter Beans. The Duck being a formidable meat, the Plum Sauce added a hint of mellow sweetness to it and the Butter Beans rendered the crunchiness right. I was almost in food heaven with the pairing of my exquisite Malbec which I suggest was probably made for this dish seulement.

I was given an opportunity to taste every Dessert that were served that evening, and being a Bengali would never let that opportunity pass me by, no matter how full I am. I started with the very popular Lemongrass Ice-cream which is a traditional Thai favourite. The Orange Panacota with the Pomegranate Reduction formed the perfect balance between what I was to experience next and the previous dish. However, it was the Salted Dark Chocolate Ganache with Mustard Ice Cream that took my breath away. Another first for me, the Mustard Ice cream is in a league of its own. Its loud appeal lies in the fact that it is not only an acquired taste, but also quite a popular one to those who truly admire this. Like love at first sight, I know what to request for as Dessert for my next meal here.

As mentioned earlier, Grasshopper is an experience and one needs to be part of it first hand to know what they are missing. The individual Prices for the 5 and the 7 –Course meals are quite reasonable at INR 2000 and 2500 + VAT, and Alcohol is charged separately on an Ala Carte basis. Please reserve your tables at +91 080 49653247 to be part of this unique experience.

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