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Obento @ Edo

Edo, the Japanese bespoke restaurant at the ITC Gardenia needs no introduction. Now, it is open also for Luncheon with Ala Carte and Table D’hote menus to choose from. As part of their latest offering, Obento- a very traditional Japanese set of courses neatly arranged on a tray has been introduced with options for both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian choices. I was part of the first set of food enthusiasts invited to try out this one-of-a-kind experience at the epitome of contemporary Japanese cuisine in the heart of the city.

Chef Kamlesh Joshi introduced to us the concept of the Obento, and how the courses are enjoyed in succession. This was followed by the Sake Bomb and we were expected to gulp it down in one-go, something almost next to impossible for me.

As the Obento arrived, I could not help but wonder the precision and the elegance with which each and every course was arranged and presented on the tray. I started with the Oshinko, a plate of Pickled Vegetables placed at the top left hand corner and they were spot-on. The signature collection of Apetisers-Zensai was up next and I was quite delighted to find my favourite Tempuras including Zucchini and Prawns in there. The Sushi platter was incomparable to anything I have ever had and was signature-edo. The glimmering Sashimi was fresh and best enjoyed with just a hint of Wasabi and Soya. It was however the Miso soup that took my breath away. The Chawanmushi, the traditional egg custard is an acquired taste and I enjoyed it best by adding some Soya to it. The Robatayaki, Live grilled-food in traditional Izakaya style of cooking complimented the Syokuji or the Chef’s exquisite Main Course in the form of Udon Noodles.

However, the best was saved for the last in the form of the Mizugashi, Matcha Ice Cream which simply melt in my mouth. I was nurturing the thought of ordering one more portion of the same, but restrained for I would have required assistance to lift myself up if done so. This exquisite, yet simple and quick lunch menu also has a Vegetarian option and is priced at INR 2250++ for Non Vegetarian and INR 2000++ for Vegetarian selections. Lunch is served between 1230-1445 hours at Edo, the signature Japanese restaurant at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore.

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