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Kashmir in Luru@ Nook, Aloft CBP

There are advantages of working in Technology Parks or SEZ zones as they are better known as. Aside from the traffic from hell and the freakishly far distances that one has to embark upon to get to work, some of them actually have a few noteworthy venues to chill and enjoy some good old food with drinks. Nook, the all-day dining at the Aloft, Cessna Business park is one such venue and the adjoining XYZ bar is always throbbing with live singers, young reluctant pool players and the regular guests staying at the hotel. I was invited to the ongoing Kashmiri Wazwan Food festival as part of their Lunch and Dinner buffet.

I started with the quintessential Long Island Iced Tea after a tete a tete with Chef Sandeep, Saranya and Ahmar, friends from the Sales team of the hotel and proceeded on to the Buffet where the delicacies were neatly spread out. I could not help but wonder the variety of dishes that were present including the Tenderloin and the delectable Kashmiri Desserts-Sufta, Anjeer ka halwa and Phirni. Our specials were arriving on the table and I quickly went back after taking a few snapshots from the Buffet which I did not have to return to-everything mama wanted was served-up, close and personal, including desserts.

I started with the essential appetisers specially curated from flavours of the Scotland of The East- Tabak Maans, Boti Kebab, Kabrgah Tengri Kebab and the absolutely unforgettable Kashmiri Nauktiyan. The latter simply melt in my mouth and I asked for an extra portion, for her highness only. The Tabak Maans is the next in line and I was delighted to have tasted this speciality after such a long time.

Among their Vegetarian counterparts, the Rajama ki Tikki and the Tasaman Paneer Tikka were served along with Waddi Masala Sheekh, but it was the Badam Shorba, the clear yet flavoursome soup that melted my heart.

For Mains, we were served Murgh Rishta, Methi Gad and some Mutton Rogan Josh which went perfectly with the special bread served on the table. I did not have anything else, although the Murgh Pulao and the Yakhni Paneer and the Kashmiri Mewah Pulao made some noise from other food aficionados.

Desserts were served up for me in a platter with the three delicacies from Kashmir-Phirni, Sufta and Anjeer ka Halwa and it would be injustice to judge which topped the list as they were equally delectable and drool-worthy. The Kawah chai at the very end set the pace for the evening.

This unique camaraderie is only around till February 24, Friday and is available for Lunch and Dinner buffet at an unbelievable worth of Rs.1199++ .

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