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An Ode to Winnie C. in the heart of Luru

Sir Winston Churchill, the indomitable leader and the British Prime Minister during and past World War 2 of the United Kingdom was well known for his witty and avant-garde quotes. It was for his efforts that Alcohol was imported to India for the first time, and we got a taste of the finest of what Europe had to offer.

More than half a century and a decade later, Bangalore pays tribute to his immortal spirit and progressive relevance with the latest watering hole in South Bengaluru-Churchill’s. The décor is liberally crafted with wood, providing an old school British feel. The walls and posters reflect some of Sir Winston’s famous quotes and his signature hat serves as their logo. We were invited for a special review by Colin, a good friend and the founder of the Three Hungry Men to this unique venue a few Sundays ago.

The challenges to this venue are few, and they can be easily worked upon. The absence of air conditioning is something that the management needs to rethink with cruel summers knocking on our door. We were served a set of Appetisers followed by Main Course and some Signature Cocktails as part of their special offering.

The cuisine is mostly Anglo-fusion and bears a strong indigenous touch to its taste and presentation. The Egg on Nest and the Paneer on Fire are strong contenders to the best Non Vegetarian and Vegetarian appetisers respectively over the Mutton Sheekh or the Chicken Tenders and the Hara Bhara kebab or the Butter Garlic Mushrooms. I am not a Chicken Wings person, but their Peri-Peri version goes well with a light bodied drink like a Margarita. It was however the Naganmese Chilly Pork that took my breath and heart away over the Seafood comprising of the Banana leaf wrapped Fish and the Lettuce Wrapped Seafood. The Coriander Chicken was a bit too sour for my taste and the Tandoori Chicken was predictable and a popular choice to order along with alcoholic drinks.

The Blue Lagoon and the Long Island Iced Tea were the drinks I decided to stick by in the absence of any specials from the house. The Mains were served shortly after and the Chip Butty and Alfredo Penne made its appearance. The latter was delectable and the mushroom sauce just perfect for the al-dente texture it flaunted. The Copacabana Pizza and Peppy Paneer and Peppers Pizza were not only colourful but high on flavours as well. The Traditional British Bangers and Mash, along with Fish and Chips would definitely cater to continental palette. The Jolly Good Mixed Grill and the baked fish Normandy were up next, but it was the Special Irish Swiss Chicken Roll that takes the crown for the best Mains to be tasted. The dishes come in good portions and is enough to cater to 2 people with ease. This new venue is up and running and the preferred music played is Retro and Classic Rock to appeal to the discerning pub-goer.

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