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Ramen and Sushi Trails @ Shiro

Have you ever craved a hot bowl of Ramen with a generous serving of your favourite Sushi or Maki Rolls to spice up your day? Well, if the answer is in affirmative, then Shiro UB City has just the right solution for you. An avant-garde destination for Pan Asian food lovers, Shiro has specialized in bringing to its loyalists, tastes of many a corner of the continent in its true authenticity and flavour. The latest one being the Sushi and Ramen Trails, a hand-picked set of the best in the genre. I was delighted to be part of the review in the gracious company of my friend and Senior Manager of the establishment-Aheli for this one of a kind dining experience.

My tasting started with a glass of sparkling from Sula Brut which paved the way for the ensuing oriental voyage where Ramen took the precedence. I started with the very subtle yet flavourful-Spicy Shoyu Mushroom Ramen with flavours of Truffle in its broth, a sweet surrender as a starter. Its spicy notes, only experienced after a few mouthfuls render the very essence of this otherwise underrated dish the position it deserves on the menu-at the very beginning.

Being a meat lover, it was imperative that The Korean Kimchi Pork Belly Ramen would find its way to my table. Its super spicy flavours and the soft texture of the Pork belly left me craving for more. The meat was sliced thinly and rendered in a near possible fat-free form to add to the experience. A must try, even if you stay 1000 feet away from Pork meat.

The Final Ramen to taste was the Spicy Chicken Laksa which along with its Coconut flavoured Broth is the ultimate comfort food at mellow times. It was time to start with the tasting portions of the various Sushi platters and I could hardly wait.

The Crispy Sweet Potato Tempura Maki was the first of the vegetarian dishes, followed by the Truffled Mushrooms and Crème Cheese. Best enjoyed without any Soya, either of these delicacies is enough to enlighten your day owing to the plethora of flavours that burst in your mouth.

The Asian Barbeque Scottish Salmon Maki was a first for me in the grilled form and was definitely a cut above the rest, enjoyed with a hint of Soya and Wasabi dollop. The Seared Ponzu Tuna Sushi with Beetroot Relish is a popular choice amongst Sushi lovers which will never go out of style. But it was undoubtedly the Grilled Salmon that made me jump with joy. The Pork Belly Ramen in spicy Kimchi broth is the dish to deluge in the Ramen listings.

This unique menu is for a limited period only and is available on special request for Ala Carte during Lunch and Dinner. Shiro also provides delivery options through Swiggy within limited areas within the vicinity of the CBD.

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