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Risotto Regale @Ottimo, ITC Gardenia

Ottimo at the ITC Gardenia justifies its title quite aptly not just for serving the best Italian cuisine in town, but also for its distinguished décor. As you walk in through the wooden doors of its exquisite deco art inspired interiors, you are transported to a magical dynasty of affluence and grandeur. From the display of every essential Italian herb on its walls to its super exclusive and royal Private Dining hall, every inch resonates class and elegance reminiscent of the bygone era. This was my first encounter at this surreal venue for a special review of their ongoing Risotto Flare showcasing various regions of Italy.

Chef Zohair took us through the preparation of two of his signature dishes- Risotto Con Topinambur Salvia E Parmigiano and Risotto Al Frutti Di Mare Con Morbidoni Di Calamari, the latter containing Squid Ink. It was truly an honour to be part of this exclusive demonstration and taste along the essential flavours that comprise the very essence of this festival.

We sat down on our designated seats and were pampered with a customised menu comprising of signature delicacies from the Risotto Flare. We started with the Porcini Mushroom risotto, a delicacy from the Piedmont region. Its robust and earthy flavours infused with the Mushrooms were exquisite and enjoyed best with a glass of Chardonnay from Jacob’s Creek.

Next up was the Double chicken risotto with sous vide spicy chicken, another delicacy from the same region. The crunchiness of the chicken and its subtle spicy notes are unique and is definitely a popular among traditional Indian palette.

The third and final dish was the Saffron Risotto with lamb shank, marrow crumble and lemon gremolata from the Lombardia region which mesmerized everyone with its myriad flavours, enjoyed best with a glass of Chardonnay.

The dessert was Torta Caprese for me, the traditional Dark Chocolate tart with a dollop of white chocolate at its core. Please check out the video for a live demonstration where hot chocolate is poured on the Tart to render its true form:

The Risotto Flare is on till the 19th of February only for Dinner from 1930-23330 hours every day.

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