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It Happened One Night (Una Noche)

Kolkata, my birthplace has been described by many as the Paris of the East for its addiction to romance and ardent passion. I however have always stayed away from making any real connection with Kolkata of a romantic nature, solely for the reason that I do not live there anymore. But this is where I fell in love for the first time with someone called Kumud way back in 1997 while enrolled at NIIT. I have had a few more exploits and important people in the next few years, but none of them managed to bear any significant impact to my soul. It was not until my trip last month in November, that I was simply blown over and literally so by this one chance meeting which turned out to change my life forever.

I would not be able to tell you the way it happened, but mostly the way I remember it. Now that is a beginning cliché from Dickens' famous work-Great Expectations. I do relate to Pip from the novel time to time and I honestly feel that all of us resemble him in some way or the other. I was not ready to be bowled over by my last encounter in the City of Joy, but it eventually did.

After my arrival to the city, we were staying over at Ekante, 20 kms from my abode to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Upon returning to civilisation, like any man with the Grinder app installed in their phone would, I decided to check out what or who I have missed in the last couple of days. The latest ping was from someone with a pseudonym of a popular Shahrukh Khan character with an image of a waterfall. We exchanged numbers in a few minutes and started chatting on WhatsApp. This was the beginning of something surreal for me. The man in question was not only handsome and sweet, but was also one of the earthiest people I ever communicated with. We connected very soon and decided to meet for coffee before hooking up officially. I wanted to check his reaction to my suggestion, to which he agreed and the time was set for later in the evening.

It was the wedding season and the whole city was getting married. He had to drop his parents to one such occasion and we decided to meet for coffee at a faraway mall in the vicinity of Salt Lake. As I was waiting for him to step outside, I had butterflies in my stomach anticipating what if he was not for real, and a simple fragment of my superlative imagination? He did show up in his elegant and classy poise, with his innate charm and childish intrigue flashed all over. I thanked the lord for being kind. It was as if the angels were singing for me. As we proceeded to sit inside at the Coffee Day there, I figured that we have already made a connection in less than a minute. I did not want it to end, and boy we spoke. We spoke about each other’s lives. He confessed his real name to me, along with his fandom for Shahrukh khan, and hence the pseudonym. I was getting dangerously drawn to his simplicity and charm with the eclectic mix of his earth shattering good looks, It was impossible for me to hold on to myself anymore. He was probably not the most good-looking man I dated or been with, but he was definitely the sweetest and the most honest.

A few moments in to the conversation revealed that he works for the State and is also a player with one of the leading Cricket clubs in the city. That defined his fitness and smooth charm. Then came the ultimate blow, he is already engaged and about to be married in a few months. It did not perturb me much then, but every time I think about it I wonder what if he was not? Anyhow, I was able to hold the conversation with him about his life and career and my blog for a little over an hour before he had to go. He did ask me something which really shocked me...” Are you a Chanel Man?” God, how did he even know it? Is it written on my face? What a connection!!

We dispersed after an hour of the best conversation I have ever had and he decided to drop me to a nearby location for ease in finding an Uber. Before disembarking he held me close and kissed me on my cheek, but I knew his mouth wanted more. As much as I was happy with his desire to kiss me with tongues, I was proud we held on to ourselves at that very moment. It gave me a lot to look forward to the next day, which we planned to spend together under one roof. I communicated with him later on in the night, and in the privacy of my own sit out he confessed he intended to kiss my mouth. I said I knew, but I have to watch out in Kolkata. He agreed as he is also equally in the limelight and did not want to generate any negative publicity that might affect his career in cricket.

The next few hours passed in restless anticipation. I was not sure if he would really make it to the place I had rented for the night to consummate our love for each other. He did show up a little later than planned and had kept me duly informed owing to chores. I appreciated his. He had no reason to be nice and eloquent to me, but he was. Simply because he believed in being at his best behaviour. This spells out class, something that I seek for in my man the most. We met outside my usual hangout- Quest Mall and proceeded to the love nest I had rented for the evening. He was looking smashing in a simple Ed Hardy Tee and a Calvin Klein Jeans.

As we entered, I took charge and started the kiss that was so long overdue. This was the beginning of a saga for me, because we happened to kiss for over two hours. Our mouth simply fit like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and started to melt away therein. It was the most surreal and wonderful moment of my life, because I have never met someone who could match up to my expectations of a kiss so well. He knew exactly what to do, where to lick and bite and that made the experience so divine. I felt pure inside to experience such warmth and joy in my mouth and it felt as if I had touched god’s feet. We were both aroused immensely but there was no need to undress as the kiss was the most erotic of it all. We needed no nudity or visual stimulation then. We were making love to each other with our tongues in our mouth.

It was a few past 11 and we realised that if we needed to eat and drink at the same venue, it was time to head out. The plan was fixed for the Sher E Punjab Dhaba located away from the Dum Dum Airport where nobody would know about us. As I got into his car, I realised I was already in love with him and in-deep.

We drove for a little less than 30 minutes before we reached our destination and had to order for the alcohol and food in one-go as it way past closing time. I decided to go with Vodka and he chose Vat 69, something which is equally smoky like my only favourite In the Single Malt domain –Talisker 10 YO. He did mention that he has never drank with dates and I was the first person he decided to go with. I guess that was the night for many a firsts. We had an enjoyable time over dinner and also managed to click a few selfies to commemorate the moment.

The night was getting deeper and I was falling more and more into him. I decided on our way back to take him to Ekante as I always felt it is a very romantic place to be. We stood outside the entrance by the lake simply enjoying the moment as we could hear the sound of the distant fishermen. It was the best moment of my life and it was then when he wondered “Why did we have to meet now? The timing could not be worse”. I answered “I am just happy we met. You got me the most romantic night and moment of my life.” Little did I know, I would regret that evening for the rest of my life.

We drove back and in order to lighten the mood which had gotten pretty intense, started playing Bollywood tunes in his car stereo. I was enamoured by the child in him and even though Bollywood is not my thing, decided to go with the flow. I held his hand on the gear and he seemed to like that. This was yet another moment I could not get enough of.

It must have been long, before he said “I would have to change the gear” and so needed me to withdraw my hand over his. But I had gotten my moment and it was fine. We drove around for a little longer and this is when we started talking about cars-something I only do with people I am close with. It was good to know that our dream cars were the same – Any BMW per se. I told him if I ever buy one, you would be the first to drive it. I will fly you to anywhere just so to keep the promise. I was already hoping we would stay in touch and be friends for the rest of our lives.

We reached back our love nest and started with some more action, this time under the influence of alcohol. We started making out in the sit-out outside our door which was accessible for anyone on the same floor as us. The thrill and the risk of being seen elevated us and I started to unzip his pants. He was turned on more by my sheer act of boldness and we decided to kiss some more, this time with a leash to move on to other things from there.

As we came within the confinement of the four walls, it was time to actually indulge in the act and make some more memories. We started getting hard-core now that we stripped down. I felt an amazing and an indescribable freedom in the strength of his arms, something I have not experienced in a long time: probably never. I knew I was making love, again another first that night. He was strong, yet gentle, persuasive yet controlling and most importantly loving. I felt his love seep through his veins and into mine. I was ready to be lost in him and I was.

It was one of those moments that has rarely happened to me in bed with another man till now. I started to laugh at the thought of something silly. He was amazed and asked what was going on. I told him that the way he spoke earlier on the phone with his nephew reminded me of the way I imitate some of the members of the popular Calcutta Club back home. It was without even knowing anything about each other, we were speaking similarly in different contexts and with different people-one more common point between us. He seemed to be entertained by it.

The act proceeded to more carnal and sometimes sentimental areas turning back from which was beyond anyone’s control. He asked me to not share the side he was resting his head on my shoulder with anyone else in the future and I thought it was the most romantic thing any man has ever said to me. We were in full swing, when I again said something that was probably the buzzkill for the night. I was unable to control my emotions said those 8 letters, those 3 forbidden words that probably should not be said in bed the first time-I love you. He immediately responded saying I like you but you will be hurt if you continue loving me. I did not understand it then, but I probably do now. He had already made up his mind to detach the day after from someone who has become a part of my soul by then.

We decided to sleep as it was almost 5 AM and he admitted “One night is not enough”. Well it was not. As far as I am concerned, maybe a lifetime is not good enough to get enough of each other.

We woke up next morning on two different corners of the bed for reasons unknown. He had to hurry to his government office to make sure he was not marked absent for the day. We did kiss for like a minute before heading out and I proposed to meet up the Saturday in case he is available. He did not commit to anything, but said he would try his best to.

I tried not thinking of him for the next few hours, but I was helpless. I attended a few events related to my blog to keep myself distracted but never could succeed in doing so. His words, his charm and his presence echoed in my head. I was bordering insanity with simply the thoughts of him taking me over.

A day passed without any contact from him and reality started to surface. I felt I was just another one night stand to him and everything he said was in the spur of the moment. I was watching a very substandard Bengali flick when he happened to call. I jumped from my seat and out of the auditorium to answer. He informed about his unavailability for Saturday for a tournament in the suburbs. I was fine with his decision and asked him to stay in touch. I mentioned if he happened to call me and I am unable to answer, I would always call him back. He said the same applies to him and we decided to bid goodbye to each other with the unuttered promise to stay in touch.

It has been almost 40 days and I still think of him. I have never heard from him but I have a feeling just like me, he keeps track of me online. I do not know this for sure but it is simply a gut-feeling. That one night has changed my perspective completely and I believe that love exists. Sometimes the direction we are seeking it from changes without a warning and we happen to miss it. My own City of Joy had so much to offer in just one night. I was swept off my feet by his amazing presence and charm, something that would take me a life to recover from. I understand he is getting married and would probably not want anything to do with me for now, but the fact remains that we both connected that night. Everything he said, every word he spoke and most importantly every moment we shared, there were two of us in it. We experienced it together, we felt it together and together we got burnt in the truth. My bliss lies with him, and if you are reading this do not hesitate to reach out to me. You might think I have not saved your number, but the truth is I did. I did, I do and I always will. You will always be that special someone for me who walked into my life one night and changed everything forever. Do what you have to do, but keep me in your heart. And yes for your information, I will not share that side of my shoulder where you rest your head ever with any other man. Our moments were special, your words my Bible and you are probably my destiny. Our lifetimes are not long enough to enjoy everything we have to offer, but don’t forget of me. And if there is anything you ever want to share with me, remember I am only a call away. I can wait for you, but not for a lifetime. Remember one last thing before I go, I will always watch you from Bangalore. And every time you hook up with another guy, you will think of me.

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