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New Menu Launch @ Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia

ITC Hotels in association with their Responsible Luxury initiative has always improvised new and innovative ideas to keep up with the momentum. Earlier this month, their 24-hours Coffee Shop-the award winning Cubbon Pavilion saw the launch of the new menu introduced as part of their latest offering. I was invited to be part of the Blogger’s Table in the company of fellow food enthusiasts by the one and only Gomathi and their new PR-Simonti.

We were welcomed with a traditional Teeka and presented with a Khadi scarf on our way to the table. Chef Yogen had laid out the dishes on the corner for us to have a better idea as to what was in store. Most were new entrants, whereas some were new versions of earlier favourites already existing in the menu.

We started our culinary journey with delightful appetisers in the form of Molten Brie which simply melt in my mouth. I was in dairy heaven. This was followed by the Buttermilk Chicken Crisps which were succulent and best served with a dash of fresh lemon sprinkled over.

The Singaporean Laksa, the traditional Seafood and Flat Noodles soup was sup next and was by far the best ever tasted. Its ethereal flavours and earthy notes added to the authenticity of the dish. The Butternut Squash and Carrot Puree was served as a refreshing detoxicating drink to accompany with the rest of the dishes.

We moved over to the highly anticipated –Chicken Katsu Burger which was a delight in itself. I was aware that there were a few other dishes in the pipeline, but still managed to embellish in its entirety. After all, I am all about the right bread and the patty combination. And boy, what a bread this was! Roasted with Sunflower seeds, I so wish it was sold for retail by ITC to recreate similar magic in our own kitchens.

It was time to introduce the local favourites in the form of the all Vegetarian Tiffin Bento served in a chic blue-rose tiffin carrier made of Porcelain, something whose presentation only takes your breath away. I was able to relish the baby Idlis and the Vadas with the Tomato Chutney which I can kill for. The Prawn Kuni Paniyaram, which are deep-fried in the traditional Tamilian style was a dish directly from the culinary secrets of the Chettinad Kitchen served up in true ITC style.

Soul Food is extremely vital to any new menu. We were served the Italian masterpiece-Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi in a sun-dried Tomato compote and was simply divine to say the least. The Ricotta cheese is my new best friend and its creamy texture complimented the dish perfectly.

Last but not the east, it was time for ITC’s best kept secret- Ruby Islam, Head Chocolatier to step up in person to serve us the Milk Chocolate Parfait. In a rare combination of a base flavoured with sea salt and the Milk Chocolate deck, Dark Chocolate is poured over in moderation to enjoy the real flavours of this avant-garde dessert. The result, a burst of flavours and an eventual elevation to a whole new dimension of Foodgasm.

It was a very delightful afternoon with a bit of prizes thrown in for the best picture and social media posts. This activity was held across all the ITC Hotels pan-India to mark the launch of the new menu at their respective coffee shops- a truly great opportunity to be part of. My heartfelt thanks to Gomathi and Simonti for the opportunity.

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