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Aspect Bon Vivant @ Nimisserie

Nimisserie has been Avant-Garde in the field of Aspect Cuisine in Bangalore for almost a year now. So when I was told that they are about to launch a new menu, it was imperative for me to drop by for the special tasting on a Saturday evening.

The customary Amuse Bouche was served after the ecstatic Mocktail -Cinderella which can give any cocktail a run for its money. It was smooth and the combination of the two paved the way for the epicurean indulgence that was to follow.

We started with our almost-ten course menu with the Aspect Bon Vivant selection from the various options available. Every course has been handpicked by Chef Nimish Bhatia and carefully curated to cater to every discerning palate. Chef himself joined us at the table and explained the concept behind every dish and its relevance in the menu.

We started with the Potli Sack Pack of Feta Cheese and Burnt Garlic wrapped in a Melon skin. This is not a dish for everybody and is definitely an acquired taste. But what needs to be remembered is the ethereal flavours of the Feta and the strong taste of Burnt Garlic create a very subtle yet strong and unique statement. I was craving for more and would definitely go back soon to be better prepared for the myriad flavours that explodes in the mouth.

The Cherry Wood Smoked Salad of Prawn with Lavender, Marigold, Green Apple and Rocket Lettuce was up next in a very traditional setup with the dressing in a cone at its top. Once added to the Salad, the Honey –Mustard dressing creates its own tanginess and blends well with the Green Apple. This simple yet complex tasting salad definitely deserves the crown for the best dish of the evening.

The third course was a palette cleanser with a Creamy Corn Soup with Truffle Foam and Shaved Dried Mushrooms. This simple soup was full of essential flavours and was distinctly Asian in its rendition and taste and hence a popular choice amongst the orders.

The creative fourth course followed in the form of Mutton Sukhad on a Dhokla Pillow with Lemon Foam. This traditional Mangalorean favourite infused with Gujarati Dhokla is one-of-a kind and a sure-shot favourite. The citrus foam complimented the mildly spicy notes of the Sukkha.

The dish that followed was the uniquely presented, rather suspended Chicken Atti Matti, a visual treat to say the least. The strong and spicy flavours of the Chicken was complimented by the sauce served alongside.

The Fish Three-Ways-Fried, Grilled and Curried with Moilee Cream and string Hoppers were served next and I preferred the Grilled portion to others. The curry had a Coconut Milk base reminiscent of a Thai Curry or a Kerala Style Stew, but milder in taste.

I also tasted the Chicken Skewers in Choor-Choor Parantha, Slivered Onions and Makhani Cream which is originally part of the 5-course menu but served on special request. The gravy stands out and the Chicken Skewers were succulent and juicy. I was a bit stuffed, but still managed to save some space for the desserts.

The Masala Chai Crème Brulee and Rusk Layered with Rose Chocolate was the first to arrive with the Mango Cardamom Frozen Dessert following. But it was the Impressions of Rasgulla and the Nimiserrie Cru that took my breath away. I had saved the very best for the last in the form of Sapphire-Champagne Arc with Almond Soil and Lavender Phirni which was the ultimate in Gourmet Desserts tasted by me.

It is always great to catch up with Chef Nimish Bhatia about his experiences in Kolkata with the Great Eastern Hotel following this elaborate dinner tasting. Chef mentioned he has also introduced Sharing Portions of popular North Indian dishes which I am definitely going to try out in my next venture really soon. There are options for 5, 7, 9 and 11 Course Aspect Dining menus curated by Chef Nimish and his super-talented crew in Nimisserie.

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