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Orange County, Hampi-After Dark: Things to do when the Sun goes down

Many a discerning traveller, including moi is at my energetic best in the evenings. It is important for them to know about the various options/ opportunities available after dark wherever they are staying. Orange County Resorts, Hampi underneath its palatial halls and magnanimous appeal holds many an option for its residents to keep themselves occupied during their leisurely evenings.

The Outdoors are dimly-lit with an illuminated pathway which creates an ethereal presence. The lens can never do justice to the view. The entire property comes alive in a whole new avatar once the sun sets.

The facility has a well-equipped Spa and Therapy Center, which closes operations at 1900 hours. So a rejuvenating session as mentioned in my earlier post should ideally be booked around 1700-1730 hours. There is also a fully equipped Gym and a Baby Pool accompanying the Break -Out area which is approachable from behind the Reception desk of the lobby. This also includes a variety of Indoor Board games including Ludo, Chess and Monopoly to name a few.

The Infinity Pool is operational round-the clock but it suggested to stick to your indoor Jacuzzi after dark. If you are staying at the Pool Villa or the Jal Mahal, then of course it is a totally different story. The LED Lanterns placed within the pool light up and with one press of a button, comes alive like a fairy tale romance. This is an ideal decadence for a couple to take the full advantage of the privacy and the romanza it creates in the dark. The brilliant light and shade and the mystical moon with its ethereal beauty is sure to captivate one with its grandeur. The Pool Gazebo serves as the ultimate relaxation for a quiet and private moment to capture in the serenity of nature facing the plush waters.

The interiors of the Pool Villa also leave you breathless in the dark with its palatial appeal and sultry décor. It takes you back to an era when the hand-pulled fans were operational by the attendants in the royal chambers. The décor over the master bed is reminiscent of the same and creates a nostalgic appeal from the pages of history. The living room and the corridor leading to the twin bath and utility weaves a new meaning in mysticism. Here is a brief look of the mystery of the dark inside my eponymous Jal Mahal.

No description of Orange County Resorts, Hampi would be complete without the mention of its extensive hallways adopting a whole new dimension after dark. Lit unanimously by LED lamps covered by artistic chandeliers and shades, their reflection carve mysterious shapes and forms on its walls at every step. A simple walk through its halls is of pure bliss to the one who has the eye to capture the beauty of the dark. The arches and curves are fit with Torch-like shades that add to the flamboyancy of the royalties. One can simply lose themselves in these endless arrays much like the royalties indulging with their many courtesans. Every bend and corner is decorated with Tanjore Paintings and illuminated aptly creating the mysterious light and shade that is reminiscent of the palace’s deepest secrets. You are welcome to experience it first hand and define your own private moment in the company of your near and dear ones -An experience not to be missed for a lifetime.

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