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Luscious Lebanese @ Byblos, Indiranagar

Lebanese cuisine, much like Mexican is highly abused and misconstrued across the subcontinent. Every nook and corner sell greasy and low-cut Mayo-overloaded Shwarma Rolls largely deviant from the original. Byblos at Indiranagar, 100 feet road has been known as the only authentic Lebanese restaurant In Bangalore frequented by the natives of middle-eastern Asia. So it was customary for me to drop by for an exclusive tasting with its proprietor and head chef Ammar Molki.

Chef explained to us the concept of Lebanese cuisine and how they emanate from the very basic of constituents and are always prepared fresh once the order is placed. We started with a Byblos Special Cold and Hot Mezzah Platter. This consisted of traditional favourites like the Hummus, Mulabbal, Tabbouleh, Fattouch, Babaganouche and Vine leaves as sides with Falafel and Cheese Sambusek and Spinach Fatayer as Appetisers. Served with freshly baked Pita bread, it was indeed a delight to relish this unique mix of ethnic flavours from mainland Lebanon.

The Main Course Platters started with the customary Chicken Shawarma cooked with authentic flavours retaining the succulence and the texture of the juicy shredded Chicken served with fresh Pita and Sour Crème. The Byblos Mixed Grill followed with its assortment of Lamb Chops, Shish Touk, Lamb Tikka and Arayess, a flatbread with Minced Lamb as stuffing along with Onions, Tomatoes amd other spices.

What followed next was the ultimate winner in the form of Grilled Prawns served with Fries, Lemon Garlic Olive Oil and Tartar Sauce. The presentation so unique and inviting, that it tempts a non-seafood eater to try it out. I also asked for some Biryani Rice as comfort food to go with it. This is quite different from the usual Biryani prepared in India and are loaded with Dry Fruits and a hint of Saffron. All in all, a very delectable meal.

I ended my course with a plate of Chef’s Special Dessert Platter comprising of his personal favourite-Chocolate Cake and Baklava. The latter has been another dish highly attempted and recreated in many a different form in Bangalore. I paired my meal with a glass of Sweet lime Soda to ease with my digestion. Chef Ammar made my dining experience extraordinary with his attention to detail and explanation of the cultural aspect of authentic Lebanese food. Byblos also has a branch on Coles Road in Frazer Town and is opening soon in Koramangala.

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