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Highway Dhaba @ Soho St

Soho Street located opposite to the Forum Mall, Dairy Circle gate is hosting a special festival menu called the Highway Dhaba. In accordance with the various eateries located on the highways of Northern India, the food here is earthy, tasty and straight from the gut. The spices and flavours are authentic to its true roots and the interiors been given its look and feel to compliment the mood. As I walked inside, I was happy to see vibrant colours and even a DJ playing Bhangra tracks.

Dineout in association with Soho Street invited a few eminent food bloggers to experience the flavours of this traditional one of a kind Buffet menu. The appetisers were served on the table and comprised of vivid selections between Tandoori Chicken, Fish Amritsari, Dhabe ki Jinga and Chicken Achari Tikka to name a few. Among the Vegetarian appetisers, the Moong Dal Laddoo was mention worthy as well as the Tandoori Roll.

As we walked towards the Live Buffet counters, I was happy to taste the authentic Pindi Chana and Kulcha. I also served myself some Amritsari Ghar ki Biryani and Fish Curry. I paired my meal with some Tandoori Vodka which was a spicy rendition of a Vodkatini and an absolute favourite of mine. Among the Mocktails, the Masala Chaas deserves special mention.

There were many live counters for Chats and Pav Bhaji, but I walked straight towards the Dessert counter where something unique was underway. The Cold Stone Ice Cream which is a Punjabi preparation blew my mind and I tried the Chocolate variety. This unique Punjabi Dhaba themed festival menu is available for Buffet Lunch and Dinner till 22nd October 2016.

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