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Essence of Bengal@ MCafe, Marriott Whitefield

As I made my way through the traffic that adorn one’s way to Whitefield, I was quite touched by the artwork at the gate with the quintessential hand-driven rickshaw against the backdrop of a traditional Bengali bylane. I knew I was in for a treat, and boy I was right.

The ever charming Sidhharth Verma and Priyam welcomed us to the courtyard where the setup was in full swing with attendants in traditional Bengali outfits and live stalls and sweet carts showcasing evergreen dishes. The wall posters and the artwork along with the Bengali Modern Rock playing in the background recreated a mini Kolkata at the heart of Bengaluru’s IT hub.

We started with the popular and unstoppably delectable Daab Chingri which is a rural dish from the southern lowlands of West Bengal. Cooked within the confines of a tender coconut, the medium Prawns are steamed and the essential flavours imparted to the resultant curry from its inner walls. I also indulged in some Mutton Pakoda and Beetroot Chop. I however did miss the Kasundi, the Bengali version of the English Mustard which would have paired perfect with these deep-fried delicacies.

The Luchi and Chholar Dal was up next and I was weak in my knees. Luchi always does this to me and I had a few servings to say the least. It was time for me to taste the Fish Paturi which was unique and cooked in the Bangladeshi style. I served myself some Basanti Pulav with a bit of Bhaja Moong Dal and Aloo Potol Posto. The latter was an absolute delight and complimented the very essence of the households of Bengal.

The Fish Curry was up next with Rohu as the fish of the day. I served a bit of Mutton Biryani and a fried Hilsa fish to create a unique combination on my plate. The result, discovery of a new palette. Actually deep fried fish went perfectly well with the complex and saffron induced flavours of the Biryani.

No Bengali meal is complete without desserts and this would be no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed the not-so-mishti Mishti Doi and the juicy Malpua. The Patti Shaapta was however an experiment with stuffed kalakand instead of the traditional jaggery and shredded coconut. I paired my meal with the Aampanna and Pomegranate Juice to compliment the flavours of the season. It was a good walk down memory lane on a Monday night with fellow foodies, half of who happened to be Bengalis. This themed Buffet Lunch and Dinner is on till October 22nd 2016 at the Mcafe, Marriott Whitefield.

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