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Punjab Grill 5 YO Special Degustation Menu

Like a delicate bottle of fine Scotch or Wine maturing with age, some restaurants tend to get better and push their limits up a notch with time. One such stalwart is Punjab Grill who celebrated their 5 year anniversary with an exclusive degustation menu curated by none other than Chef Nishant Choubey. Read on for an account of my culinary decadence via this progressive meal.

The Amuse Bouche in the form of Ulta Tawa Parantha with Sarson Di Sag and a hint of good old jaggery formed the perfect foreplay to this seduction of taste buds. The first course in the form of Fire Roasted Cottage Cheese was a subtle hint to the forthcoming decadence. The Mathri Roasted Stripes formed the apt successor and was crispy and tangy in its rendition of flavours.

The Kumbh Palak and Corn Ki Tikki was soft and supple and the orange marmalade added the perfect diversity to its orthodox taste. But it was undoubtedly the Mutton Brain Deep-Fried that won many a heart with its near-perfect rendition and could easily pass across as a Chicken Breast Cutlet from Campari back home in Kolkata. Served with an equally commendable Berry Chutney, this one’s definitely one for the ultimate food connoisseur.

I decided to take a short break and was almost nearing the half-point in this 14 course progressive meal. I returned with my full-blown glory with the delectably plated and succulent Mutton Raan served with Rosemary Chutney foam. This was the right start to an array of Meat dishes that were to follow and I was smiling ear to ear with joy. The Tandoori Mustard Prawns served with Wasabi Mustard were cooked to perfection and earned extra brownie points for retaining the tail. The Duck Potli was next and the Quail egg served with it formed the perfect accompaniment. The Hyderabadi delicacy-Patthar Ki Ghosht was up next and I was quite pleased with its soft and tender texture. However the Chutney served was a bit sweet and I decided to relish it without its help.

Another major biggie-the Soft Shell Crab was next in the menu and I was contemplating given my supposed allergic reaction to crabmeat. I decided in its favour, and thanked the lord that I did. Its crispy exterior and the soft meat inside formed the perfect ambiguity and was a delight to say the least. The Cottage Cheese Cannelloni served next was a palette cleanser and in a league of its own. The final dish before the Mains was the Khatta Meetha Karata Chicken which reminded me of the traditional Asian flavours we swear by.

The Mains were up next in the form of Hyderabadi Nihari Ghosht served with Butter Naan and Roti. I was highly impressed with the astute perfection and the mix of spices used in the curry to render the taste so spot-on. The final staple was the ultimate comfort food-Rajma Khichdi with home-made Wadi. I only wished it was served a while earlier in the course so that I could finish the entire portion. To say I was stuffed, would be an understatement.

Being a Bengali no matter how much you have eaten, there is always room for dessert and when it is in the form of the Pan Kulfi, why not? This special dish was not only plated well, but its betel nut infused taste simply enhanced the Malai Kulfi by a few notches. The ultimate surprise came in the form of custom-made chocolates from Punjab Grill in a chic black box with their brand name inscribed with golden ink. One of the white chocolates has their lion head logo embossed neatly on it and would probably be the last one for me to consume. All in all, a very satisfying culinary experience. Under the apt supervision of Sajal Jassal and Abhinav Verma, I am sure they would touch new heights in hospitality and drama-free authentic Punjabi food. These dishes continue to be available for a few more days and would soon be incorporated within the Main Menu in the months to come.

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