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Flavors of Thailand @ The Market, The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore

The Market at the Ritz Carlton, Bangalore is back with yet another showcase of exemplary World cuisine. Chef Ayong from Phulay Bay, Ritz Carlton Reserve at Krabi, Thailand brings her culinary creation to Bengaluru. I was lucky to be part of the tasting session along with other eminent foodies earlier this week.

Chef Ayong has over 15 years of culinary experience and has been with Phulay Bay for 12 years now. She has cooked for many a celebrity including the Princess of Thailand who takes special interest in her Spicy Chicken. The most popular dishes in Krabi include Seafood caught fresh by the local fishermen. Her inspiration is her own mother and her cooking style inspired from Southern Thailand where a lot of emphasis is provided to the balance of various flavours in a dish. She was earlier employed with Bangkok’s world famous Bann Thai restaurant. Her favourite Indian food are Dal and Chutney which she loves to binge upon.

We started with a Platter of various Satay s including Chicken, Beef, Tofu and Fish. My personal favourite were the Beef and the Tofu. They were succulent and bore traces of Galangal in their marinades. I was also quite ecstatic about the Raw Mango Salad and Sesame coated Chicken Meatballs. The Peanut Butter sauce was the perfect accompaniment to both the dishes.

We proceeded to the open kitchen area of the Market where the occasion was embraced with decorations in colourful Fried Tempura batter. We tried the Tom Yam Thalay (Seafood) soup as the next course, something that no Thai meal is complete without.

As we moved over to the Mains from the spread, it was the Keang Dang Moo (Stir-Fried Pork) that paired well with the Burnt Garlic Basil Fried Rice. The Nua Phad Karpaow (Beef in Oriental sauce) went well with the Chilli Garlic Noodles. I also loved the spicy notes of the Kai Phad Priwann (Chicken in Chilli Sauce) and Pla Thod Prik Thai Dum (Stir Fried Fish) I tasted the Baamee Phad Ke Mau (Thai style Noodle) which was on the sweeter side and bore generous traces of Fish Sauce.

The Desserts were up next and it was time to try the traditional Banana in syrup and the Banana in Coconut Milk. They were delectable to say the least. The Flavours of Thailand is on till September 25th 2016 for Lunch and Dinner Buffet.

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