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Seven Wonders of the World with Masterchef Gary Mehigan

It was another event at the Ritz Carlton that silently became the talk of the town amidst this chaotic turmoil that Namma Bengaluru has been going through this week. After a couple of days it was such a breather to see our beloved city life slowly returning to normal. The imminent personalities of the Press and Media showed up to the Press Conference hosted at Riwaz, The Ritz Carlton with MasterChef Gary Mehigan showcasing his Seven Wonders of the World menu.

Hosted especially for the C-Suite guests of the city, Gary Mehigan’s travel-inspired menu as the name suggests combines the best of dishes from around the world. These include places visited by him and more so the ones which has inspired him over the years. This sit down dinner in association with Amex, BMW and Etihad Airways has been conceptualized by Evolve, a prominent luxury brand consultancy firm from the Big Apple. CEO Series will be showcased in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi on 15th, 17th and 18th September respectively and will be attended by over 100 top notch executives.

A few of us were part of the Press Conference where Gary showcased his unique dish inspired by Peru and served at the world-renowned Michelin Star restaurant, NOBU-Scorched Salmon, Caramelised Miso Mayonnaise with Ceviche Pickles and Edamame. Needless to mention, this dish has his own special twist from that served commercially.

The rest of the dishes include:


‘Moqueca’ crustacean Veloute, Sweet Onion puree, Bottarga & Brazil nut/

Young coconut, lime and pea Veloute, sweet onion puree, puffed rice, Brazil nut (Vegetarian)


Compressed Watermelon, raw & cooked curds, Hibiscus syrup, Green Almonds


Butter-roasted Cauliflower, Fennel pollen & green Fennel seed, golden Raisins


White cooked Chicken, Ginger Jelly, Black Sesame, Celery & Spring Onion/

Charred paneer, wild mushrooms, ginger jelly, black sesame, celery & spring onion (Vegetarian)


Slow cooked Lamb shoulder, toasted grains, Dhal & pine nuts, Kohlrabi/

Slow cooked baby eggplants, pomegranate, toasted grains, dhal & pine nuts, kohlrabi (Vegetarian)


‘Conco d’Oro’ Lemon curd & Olive oil semi freddo, golden Meringue, Orange syrup, candied & fresh Citrus

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