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A Dolce Vita @ Toscano, VR Bengaluru

When I was invited for a tasting over to Toscano at VR Bengaluru, Mahadevapura I was ecstatic to say the least. Not only is Toscano my favourite Italian restaurant, but I also cherish a few good memories spent in the company of amazing friends and drool worthy dishes. As I walked in through the doors of this exotic venue, I was prepared to be enamoured by their exquisite menu and attention to the finest of details.

Ramesh who manages the restaurant greeted us and laid out the extensive menu that we were about to taste. Their head chef also joined us and made sure we were well taken care of. It was a delightful evening and an eye-opener to discover the various options they offer.

We started with the Citrus and Feta Salad and a house favourite the Toscano Punch to start with. I fell in love with the quaint combination of the strong citrusy flavours of the Orange and the subtle notes of the Mixed Greens. It was an absolute foodie’s delight with the fresh Feta adding to the authenticity of this exquisite dish. But it was the Chicken Nuggets which took me by an absolute surprise and started to cherish in absolute joy its soft succulence and unique plating in true Toscano style. This deep-fried delicacy was prepared with utmost precision and attention to the finest detail. This is by far the best Chicken Nuggets I have tasted around the planet. The classic Bruschetta topped with Chicken was up next and I was happy to enjoy it with the Hummus served alongside.

The palate cleanser Blood Orange Sorbet was served before we started with the Mains. It was an extremely generous portion compared to the ones served at the so called “Molecular Gastronomy” hubs that have sprung up at the location where they first opened-UB City.

Our Mains started with a Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli which was tossed in Tomato Cream Sauce and was chef’s special creation. The Chicken Diavola-Pepper Crusted Chicken Breast with Saffron Risotto was an absolute delicacy and I enjoyed the crunchiness of the Chicken and the Sweet and Tangy flavour of the Risotto. But it was the Grilled Norwegian Salmon which took the crown with its earthy and aromatic flavours. The Cream Clam Sauce along with the Bean Ratatouille added to the exotic quotient of this personal favourite.

The Desserts were elaborate and plated at their best. The Cinnamon with Apple Crumble and Vanilla Ice cream was delectable and simply melt in my mouth. But it was definitely the Signature Mascarpone Tiramisu which outshone amongst the rest. The Chocolate and Hazelnut Torte was intense and was the dramatic ending to this eventful Italian culinary voyage. The unmatched service provided by their trained staff is commendable. Its quaint and chic elegant interiors stand out from others in the vicinity, making it the Address A for authentic Italian cuisine.

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