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Shao, Park Plaza-Asia under one Roof

Park Plaza Marathahalli hosts one of the finest Asian Dining the city has to offer. Shao, with its elegant and immersive lighting and chic contemporary urban décor stands out as the venue of choice for its discerning guests and food enthusiast who do not mind to travel a bit to experience its authentic and earthy flavours of the orient. With their recently launched new menu, they have successfully integrated the best of Pan-Asian cuisine under one roof.

Siddhanth Verma from the Sales team is a good friend and had asked me to join for a tasting a while ago. Owing to my busy work schedule, it took me a while to finally show up. I thank myself and Siddhanth that I did.

The tastings started with the traditional Green Tea accompanied by Soup. The Poh Tek-Thai Seafood Spicy Soup was the ultimate opener, followed by a variety of delectable Appetisers. The Kimchi Mandu-Pork Dumplings with Kimchi is a true delight followed by the Non Vegetarian Sushi Platter. The Smoked Salmon among the assortment is my personal favourite. The Angus Beef Yakitori was the ultimate in Fine Asian dining and who can forget the Prawn Sugar Cane Sticks? Wrapped in Sugar cane sticks, bite size succulent Prawns formed the finest appetiser tasted this evening. Every dish is a winner with its true Pan Asian appeal.

The Mains started with the very delectable Seafood Japchae- Korean Glass Noodles with Seafood and Vegetables in a delicious garnish. The taste is so authentic and truly-Asian that one can easily order another plate for its light texture. The Tom Kati Pla- Fish in a Spicy Coconut Gravy was the ultimate comfort food for me with some aromatic Jasmine Rice.

The Shao Signature Kafir Lime Ice Cream formed the perfect Sweet Ending and I also dug into Siddhanth’s Coconut Ice Cream. A truly Pan Asian experience in a Fine Dining setup is something to yearn for. The new menu of Shao is available for Lunch and Dinner as Ala Carte and is a must for every Asian Food aficionado.

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